Analyze streaming music from PC and export/import in our Player

We all support the new DENON DJ products and believe that with a little more support and improvements, they can become the next standard in DJ booths … But for this, we need to cover all areas of DJing, from the beginner to he only plays at home, even the professional who does not have time to prepare a set quietly on his sofa or in his bed … There are professional DJs who take advantage of plane trips to take out their macbook and analyze the tracks of their playlists and prepare loops, CUEs, etc … Can you imagine a, for example, David Guetta taking out his SC6000 in the middle of the plane to prepare his set ??? I think it is essential that DENON find a way to prepare the streaming songs (like Beatport Link) and then export it to any DENON player … This is already done by the competition (rekordbox) and also, unlike others like Serato DJ Pro, allows you to modify all the parameters that are imported once you open the playlist from the internet (essential to be able to add comments or to be able to rename and distinguish between a radio edit song and an extede mix, which many times these tags are not properly downloaded to the open them in our program …

Cheer up DENON DJ guys, and let’s go get them !!!


I think thats why they brought the Prime Go out into the market. Battey powered with 4 hours of prep time. Perfect.

I don’t think a professional DJ would rely on streaming songs though. The professional would have bought the songs outright, or would have had the songs bestowed apon him or her by the music company.

In the similar vein, “a professional doesn’t have time to…” line is strange too. Surely a professional would make time, build time into their schedule to analyse tracks, set their cues manually, set loops manually, learn and remember the construction and mix points within a track.

Preanalysis of stream only tracks, and to a smaller degree, the request to pre-listen to streamed tracks seems almost to suggest the DJ is relying on streaming services as an alternative to owning any music.

I think that streaming music is the future, just as in its day I thought that the CD would not unseat vinyl, but the MP3 would be a revolution … It’s just what I think … but I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks like this, since in the end Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox and VirtualDj have bet on it …

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in fact I think so too.


Totally agree, it s a pity that already low end product (Hercules Djuced) is able to do this … really sad . I do not want to start my prime
., it should be integrated into Mac/Pc soft. They start with tidal, they need to increase the numbers if source ( beatport is really missing here :frowning: )