Analyze Latin music with engine

Hi guys, any of you playing Latin music (salsa, bachata)? How does Engine behave with analyzing these types of tracks? Is the beat gread accurate enough or is it all busted? and the bpm? if someone could give me some feedback, I’d be happy. Thanks

Hi Reis,

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Keep in mind that Latin music is often not perfectly quantized. You have intentional changes in BPM that are going to throw off any automated algorithm for tagging BPM’s. Most of the time, as long as I am close I am happy with the result and most algorithms are effective enough now to do that. Worst case scenario, get an app on your phone that will allow you to tap to the beat and allow you to confirm the start and end of songs which give you trouble… that has helped me in the past.

Good luck.

great suggestion, what app do you use on the phone?

On My Galaxy phone I use BPM Tap. It’s pretty awesome and simple. And its free.

App Downloaded for iPhone, I was missing to be honest. Always useful for finding the beginning and ending musical piece bpm. Thanks

Someone who made comparisons with the analysis of Latin songs towards Serato?