Analysis off by 1 beat

Since upgrading to 1.5 the last 3 imports of music files have been off by one beat. That’s around 200 tracks that I have had to adjust the beat grid manually. On the previous version I used to get a couple but this is every single track I import.

Have reinstalled EP, change analysis settings but the same every time. Stumped now.

Well, once it’s done, it’s done. When you’ve corrected those once, you won’t need to do them again. It’s a pain, but I think the pros outweigh the cons

As long as one does not make the mistake of “re-analysing” the library :wink:

And this is not an unlikely scenario as with each Engine Prime update, they could always be a feature that will need re-analysis to take advantage off eg the new bpm alogrithm

What file format do You use?

I have noted this also. The general bpm detection seems a lot better but the one beat thing is odd. It suggests reanalysing the library…this makes me nervous as I have finally mastered my workflow and have all my MIK cue points etc. I don’t want to lose that or corrupt another database…yes I now have back up for the backup.

Has anyone tried to reanalyse? Any issues? Cue points etc still there? Any good?

I did reanalyze and all is as it was before. No cue points lost.