Analyse more than 30k?


hi @ all how i can analyse my libary (55000 tracks) in engine prime i use a 2tb drive in standalone mode (mcx8000)


Add all tracks to collection. Select all Right click Analyses


i made it with drag n drop, works fine… but over 30000 tracks is this analyse job not working…why???


Maybe are not in format/spec that MCX8000 supports?


You can analyse over 30K tracks in Engine Prime. What is not working? Is it freezing? Or just not analysing?


It Counts the Tracks over 30k fast down…


To me, that sounds like you have already analyzed them once and it is just skipping over them. Are there dots in the “grid” column for all songs?


no, no grid dot’s…

after clicking analyse… nothing happens


Earlier you mentioned that you have over 30k tracks. Your picture suggests that at least some of them have successfully been analyzed. The blurred progress bar at the bottom right hand side of the screen suggests that the analyzation process is about a 3rd of the way done. If you click on this progress bar does it show that tracks are analyzing?

Also are you sure there are NO grid dots on ANY of the tracks?


these 22k are the rest (30 + 22 =52k) and they not analysed and these tracks have no grid dot and when i push analyse nothing will happend the analysed tracks (30k) have all grid dots. and all tracks are mcx compatible they have all dots

what i do wrong and is it better to analyse all tracks with serato???


Have you seen this question?