An Update on PRIME 4

A word to you, our customers, on PRIME 4.


So…what is the firmware tweak/workflow improvement that’s so fantastic it takes priority over getting the units to customers who’ve been waiting for months?

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Thank you for keeping us up to date


Thanx for those news :frowning:


Hi @Nekoro_DenonDJ,

Does this workflow also include / affect the SC5000 and EP?

Thanks, Engell


Must be a change of strategy compared to the MCX8000 then. It wasn’t the best product release ever to be honest.

Thank you for the information so I can go ahead and buy a case now and pre-order I hope my search feature improve to Just search the playlist along


It’s great that denon have releases this excellent news.

Improving the firmware prior to release was what several of the thoughtful members of the forum and other online groups thought was the reason and now denon have confirmed that great news!

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Amazing !!!

First thing, MASSIVE respect to Nekoro_DenonDJ for posting an official staff update. As a new Denon customer, that puts my mind at ease more than what it was yesterday!

Second thing, as units are out there in the hands of reviewers, can any staff member shed any light onto what the last minute firmware problem was/is please? Thank you.

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Proof yet again that the sky is indeed not falling (although some would have us believe it is) and good things will come to those who wait. Much appreciated update for most, more bashing food for others.

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Don’t get sucked into the loudmouth yobs sound bites that they keep dropping in front of us on the forum. The official denon communication above states that it wasn’t a problem. The announcement confirms that the firmware tweak was chosen to be added last minute to make an already excellent release even better. Improving an already impressive first impression.

I like the way that the official post above mentions a timeframe also


A couple of trolly denon haters just aren’t happy unless they’ve got a room, and a condom slipped over their fav DJ program. :wink: :wink:


At least my favourite DJ program works properly.

Anyway, let’s see what happens with the Prime 4 when it eventually gets released and how it goes down with the public. Fanboyism on a forum won’t save a product.

@Julianus, S_Anderson, Shain:

Dont know if you guys get paid by Denon, and I actually dont care, but… Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if it doesnt match yours. That we who bring constructive criticism to the table, each and every time, have to get pointed out by you guys - I’m really tired of it.

But I guess you havent been around since the Mcx8000 issues, maybe you havent got any issues (good for you) but the reality is something else. Like another guy said: 3 years after, and the link on the Mcx8000 still dont work. To add more: only 1 update has been for the X1800 and 3 updates to the SC5000… All with flaws or bugs of some kind.

Its great that you guys just use the basics, but dont hate on those of us who actually paid $6000 for a setup and believe in Denons words when they say that these machines can/ could change the way of dj’ing. I respect your way of playing, but I spend a bit of cash to improve my skills and being able to bring something extra to my sets.

57 days ago Paul made a statement - havent been followed up yet. I have tried to suggest Denon to make a press statement about the delay for a week and finally it came. (thats great news)

Like I said earlier, I’m not going to buy the P4 but do I understand the frustrations of those who already has paid upfront and dont get any information about Why there’s some delays? Absolutely!

And S_Anderson, especially your need to get Personal in each post - dont get it!



It would be lovely if you could live by your own words too. Keep trying. It could happen :slight_smile:


I actually do so - I dont make noise everytime someone disagree with me. But I also dont blindly praise Denon when there are obvious things that needs to be adressed, and dont tell everyone else that they just are du**.


Well I have been moderated in the past for “personal” comments but others get away with it every day and instantly pounce on any comments that they don’t agree with.

I’m convinced certain members are plants too but I’ve been reprimanded for that as well.

This community is not a happy place to be. I try and help where I can along with constructive criticism, but the constant comments from 3 or 4 members have worn me out.

I’ll keep an eye from a distance to see how the Prime 4 goes, might be a replacement for the MCX one day but I’m done wasting time here.

And before the usual people say I’ve said that in the past, that’s definitely it this time.

Good luck everyone.

My guess is yes :wink:

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I love when you “guess” things :wink: