AMD Ryzen multicore CPU with Engine Prime, share your experiences

I’m looking to build a desktop workstation ITX (yet to get permission from the Mrs though) for the house and I’m thinking going with AMD 3950, just wondering if any one is using this or any Ryzens.

What is your experience with EP on this CPU especially with track analysis.

I know it’s not officially supported.


Haven’t been analyzing tracks much, but I use the AMD Ryzen7 3800X in my current workstation.

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I’d always go with Intel just for compatibility. You might get lucky and never encounter any isues, but if you want be 100% certain, get Intel.


I would and did also, my last AMD was the Athlon MP…, but the 3xxx series is a really good platform+cpu.

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All the laptops in my household are intels

Just wondering how the AMD camp is fairing.

I’ve got a ryzen 5 3500u in my laptop and, touch wood, I have never had any problems. I analysed 3500 tracks yesterday with the new prime update and it too about 15-20 minutes :+1:

There have, in the past, been issues with DJ software and non-intel CPU’s (i.e. AMD). Particularly with Serato, which has for a long time advised to use only intel CPU’s.

However, things evolve and the “new” Ryzen series CPU’s work like a charm with any software I throw at them, including DJ software, collection management software like Engine Prime, tools like PN & MiK and so on. Never a problem. In all fairness, on my old desktop PC (my playing live option was a MacBook Pro, so defo Intel) I used the AMD Phenom II X6 for many, many years, also with no problems worth mentioning.

So, I’d say that both platforms are feasible atm, with the AMD Ryzen offering (quite a bit) more bang for the buck.

My three cents as usual.


Thanks :pray:t5:

The one I’m planning is going to be house desktop for the usual stuff.

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I use a Ryzen 9 3950 in my PC for Engine Prime - no problems at all so far. I don’t know if I’d trust it for Rekordbox or Serato, but for music management it’s been just fine (and very, very fast)


Final tip on that: Make it dual-boot, so you have a seperate boot option for your DJ Prep PC, that way even if your “usual stuff” leads you into bad places that wreak havoc on your stuff, you will have your DJ stuff in a safe/separate place.

Three cents and all that.

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Yeah same here. I had some issues by trying to go cheap with a computer for video editing a few years back and its a complete blue-ache cos when I then changed the processor, I had to change the motherboard, which was then not right for the RAM I’d bought, and so on. I ended up selling the AMd system whole to someone that only used it for family things and then started again with intel processor, new motherboard, new ram 3”etc

I think one has to match all the components at the build stage.

I did. That’s why then finding out that AMD processors weren’t 100% compatible with software was such a coconut ! I couldn’t just take the hot of the processor, and fit an Intel in its place, I had to change all the most expensive bits

I have build A gaming/work pc for me and my Girlfriend not long ago with A Ryzen 3700x And it does not dissapoint and multi threaded work loads are EZPZ lemon squeezy for this cpu to handle but that is Also because it is bundeld with the ram 16gb clocked at 3200mhz that it does A feest job with everthing I Throw at it

Intel is A safe option but expensive compared to the ryzen cpu’s The only benefit you have is A higher overclock speed as far as I know

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The only market Intel will be competitive for the next year is the laptop/APU one - and even then not until Tiger Lake drops, AMDs current APU’s crush Intel’s at the minute.

Intel’s 7nm node is suffering as badly if not worse than their 10nm, they can’t use TSMC’s fabs because there’s no spare capacity, and they don’t yet have anything more than a 10 core.

AMD have performance within a few percent of Intel with current Zen 2 architecture and Zen 3 is just around the corner on TSMC’s 7nm node, Zen 3 is rumoured to fix the performance scaling with clock speed issue of Zen 2 as well.

In speed and price , but not for compatibility

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Compatibility is a Windows scheduling thing, it’ll get better.

The thing is, up until the last couple of years, Microsoft hasn’t had to take AMD seriously, now they do.

After the serato and video editing incompatibilities with AMD, I’ll be stick with Intel and avoiding AMD chips

The AMD Ryzen is 100% x86. Period. There is no incompatibility…

Intel licensed the 64-bit x86 extensions from AMD years back (don’t believe it? do a DMESG in Linux), so saying “100% Genuine Intel” is nothing more than Intel’s marketing hype. Zen 2 Ryzen (and soon Zen 3) at 7nm is cleaning Intel’s clock. Zen 3 cores will have a 15-20% uptick in IPC performance over Zen 2 and be on a 7nm+ process.

The AMD of today is a very different beast. Under the leadership of CEO Dr. Lisa Su she has re-engineered the company from the ground up. Unlike much Intel’s leadership over the last 10 yrs, Dr. Su holds a PhD in engineering. She is one the top 5 CEO’s in the industry.

Intel may be deeply ingrained, but the technology is old (14nm++) and so is their thinking…

Do serato share this point of view on their minimum product system specs ?