still on backorder

I ordered my SC5000 from but its still on backorder? How much longer for you guys to stock Amazon for “shipped and sold by Amazon”? TIA

There are more stocks of SC5000 and x1800 mixers due in this month. The demand for these units, what with more A-listers and incredible reviews etc has be sensational already, which has fuelled the “back order” situation.

Keep your order in place as several pieces of sensational news about the SC5000 over the next few weeks can only increase demand further.

Ok thank you for you response. I look forward to getting them soon as they are in-stock. I hope it becomes in-stock within the next few weeks (as you say) and not months.

Best regards, OC

hope you get them soon these things are amazing and definately worth the waite

Thank you. I hope so too.

Any update on the backorder status for SC5000 shipped and sold from Amazon. Last I heard, they were waiting on you guys.

Checking for you currently.

Whilst I’m able to confirm that another large batch of Primes have arrived at the Denon DJ warehouses for distribution, only the retailer will have an accurate ETA here.

Thank you! I do believe you made this happen for me since order is currently being shipped. I appreciate your help and I look forward to getting my SC5000s.

Much as I’d love to take the credit for making it happen, it wasn’t me.

When we send say, 4000 units to a large retailers warehouse/distribution centre in any given month, how they allocate those 4000 units across their network of regional distribution centres, and how their regional distribution centres allocate their slice of the original 4000… is all up to that retailer, rather than us “dictating” to them.