Am I correct thinking

that the X1800 has the features inside that the opposition (had to) put in the RMX 500/1000?

As the X1800 is so new, at a time where modern technology is advancing so quickly, there’ll be every chance of several new and innovative features.

There’s not much in the way of opposition, so pray tell what features you’re thinking of.

No, I don’t think you are entirely correct about that. From what I’ve seen the effects of the 1800 are comparable with the effects on newest generation of 900 mixer. I think what is new is that the 1800 has a bit more access to those effects giving more options for layering them than you can on other comparable units (think filter + colour effect + beat effect all at once).

As for the RMX units you mention - they are external effects and samplers - a bit of a different animal. With all the brands in the inMusic house, I bet we see some interesting external DJ effects units coming on stream sooner than later to help compete in that space. My guess would be on something DJ focused in the Akai MPC range.

I was just thinking out loud, no idea what to wish for, I have 2 sl’s now and an old LEM DM 81 mixer, so I’m going to be very happy with the SC’s and the X1800.

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