Alternative options announced

Looks like there is now an alternative for VDJ users. Shame it’s $500 and we thought this was being built in to the MCX8000. P.S. It’s still on the main product details which is quite funny really, if not misleading

Stage LinQ network connection to control lighting and video


They could borrow a leaf from Ableton with the way they opened it up Ableton Link for everyone to implement easily.

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So I feel we could restart the debate on the future of lighting and/or stage effects control as I feel the timing is right. Today Pioneer announced their RB-DMX unit which is basically SoundSwitch.

So current/upcoming lighting solutions we have:

Denon - StageLinq (upcoming) Serato - SoundSwitch Virtual DJ - SoundSwitch Pioneer - ShowKontrol and Rekordbox RB-DMX Traktor - Nothing as of yet

I feel there is a now a professional solution available for (most of) the big players in the DJ software world but I’d love to know if there is any further announcements for the future of StageLinq? The time is now right.

I feel that opening it up into an SDK that developers can incorporate and add into their own software is a good idea. Pio did this with ShowKontrol and getting the platform built inside existing users workflows that lighting jocks use on a daily basis will work but I feel there should really be a standalone program too as I know I wouldn’t want to purchase a full lighting software when I just want to control a few lights. Having a solution available from Denon would be fantastic and hope there is one on the way. Maybe “Denon Prime Stage”?

As the Prime series is promoted by the biggest DJs I feel a solution to get that synchronised with the big festival stages they use will be a huge boon for Denon. Pioneer now has an official DMX box but previous to this, they have worked unofficially with software that has interfaced with the CDJs and has decoded Rekordbox data directly, giving a synchronised light show.

Thoughts? I don’t believe the StageLinq protocol is dead but I think launching a solution in the next few months will be beneficial to the future of the players in a pro environment.

There was an unofficial network link that tricked a computer into being a CDJ. If Denon actually took advantage of a similar system then maybe we could create our own solutions? Imagine Denon Prime player actually working with a CDJ side by side once networked. Or a Prime unit controlling beat position for Ableton Link or a lighting app.

Here is the original project below. There is a few others that are used by professionals for synchronizing lighting at festivals but they cost thousands to use and are very underground programs that aren’t commercially available.

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It’s StageLinq?? Oh no it’s the Rekorbox RB-DMX it’s working. I’m wainting 2 years for nothing…

It actually says right on the MCX8000 box front that it has an “Ethernet Connection To Control LIGHTING / VIDEO”