All new screen layout for the "Wave and Library"

It would really be amazing if we had the horizontal layout screen the same as the prime engine software on the computer. Especially for having the library in sight (all together with the waves).


Totally agree

Agree 100%. The amount of time wasted jumping between screens is a nuisance. It’s really slowing me down. Plus the font size is way too big currently. The ability to reduce the font/text size is a must also.

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Looks so much better & cleaner. The other menu options can be placed at the new scroll down menu.

The drawback I can see with this is that engine Prime, for good reason, only shows one or two waveforms which is fine as it’s not live performance software, it’s pre-show prep software.

If prime 4 got its screen changed to engine Prime layout, having only 1 or 2 waveforms would annoy some people, having 4 waveforms would obliterate a significant number of the library/search rows of text. You’d probably end up with 4 waveforms and 6 lines of text only

Wen you switch to the deck 3 + 4 the sampleview could also switch. And if you will display all 4 channels at the same time, then you have only a little library place. But I think the real engine prime layout is much cleaner. The layout could also be a preference setting, so everyone can choose the setting that belongs best to them.

I don’t think the “copy Engine Prime screen to Prime 4” idea is the best solution.

This would fall into the old DJ software and controller trap and space waste of having controls on the touchscreen, taking up space, which are already physical real controls on the Prime 4. And that’s a waste of space, with space being the thing that’s being suggested as being needed.

In Engine Prime, to the left of the waveform are all the controls for track transport eg/ play , stop, cue, the hot cue buttons, the loop controls etc. These buttons in that space are already available to us on the prime 4, duplicating then wastes space, not gives it.

I think that maybe instead of a direct copy of the engine Prime screen we need other, more thought out ways of suggesting more space.

Maybe a quick toggle button for “waveforms off/on” so that the number of library/search lines of text is maximised. The no waveform screen might also be a hit for those who impose their “I don’t need no waveform to DJ with” viewpoints to all too :rofl:

Just standby for all those posts from new guys saying “help! I’ve lost my waveform display - I cant DJ without them - how do I get them back? “ :joy:

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:rofl::joy::rofl: yea I know the point xddd

excellent , be able to change colour as well , this needs to be said to admin for the next update

I would absolutely love horizontal waveforms on top & library at the bottom. Coming from Serato, I’m really missing this view. It’ll also save a lot of button pushing back n forth every time we need to load a new track, then want to view our waveforms. I totally agree about not having any transport controls like on the EP computer software.

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Yes - the transport buttons can go away from screen. But I like the idea to have engine prime build in as it is - because of editing tags / bpm / stars … importing music right from and in your machine. same layout, you don´t must think twice to find wher to find functions … it should be very clever aranged, where to place all these functions.

Yes totally agree and if I’m playing on 3 or 4 deck -. I’d like to see playing them all.