All I want for Christmas

Pick three Christmas presents from the EP feature request list! :grinning:

I’ll start:

  1. Improved - Better BPM detection
  2. Mac Updater
  3. Variable Grid BPM/Grid Realignment

Happy holidays!


Point 2 will have almost zero appeal to many and absolutely zero appeal to others but I really want your points 1 and 3 too


I’ll even just settle for Point #3 for xmas.



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Just as well that no one specified WHICH Christmas they wanted the points for.

I don’t think it’s going to be Christmas 2019


Can we please for the love of God have a simple and capable sync solution for exporting/updating tracks and playlists on removable devices.

If I buy just a handful of tracks, it’s a half hour’s work to just get the files processed and updated on to the device and it honestly turns me off using my SC5000s because it’s such a pain in the ass.

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just give us a way to tap in the BPM

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I really do get the feeling that the only way requests are ever going to appear in Engine Prime is for us to prefix the requests with “Dear Santa…”

Hilarious…needed that.

Dear Santa… You forgot us DenonDj’s last year!! You suck!!!