Album Art from WAV files

Hello All,

I’ve searched the forum for a straight answer, and I didn’t get a definitive answer.

I have 2000+ CD albums.

I want to rip it all over again in WAV format in an HD or SSD.

Once finished, I want to run it on Prime Engine for IDing then use it on my SC5000s.

Question: Will I get all the album art in place? If not, can I MANUALLY add it to the album by getting image from the net?

Thank you for your replies.

The problem with WAV is that there has never been a written standard on tagging etc.

However, use software like TagScanner to do this. That will do the job and you can import the tagged files to Engine Prime.

I am in the proces of ripping al my cd’s again, in flac. So that album art and track info can live in the actual file. I had tons of drama moving my collection between traktor, rb and ep. If you are an Apple guy you could choose aiff. But i would advice flac over wav.

Hi @Polarbear0104, I’d recommend ripping in AIFF which supports artwork in the metadata tags (WAV does not)

Thanks J

What is better in aiff than flac? Thanks for sharing!

I would choose FLAC also.

I still edit and rip in WAV and then convert.

Personally i use AIFF, bigger files than FLAC but you can’t quick preview FLAC files on a Mac so it’s AIFF for me. Both are certainly good and an upgrade to MP3!


Thank You Everyone for the cool answers. I’ll proceed with either FLAC or AIFF.

Funny I went with AIFF more than 10 yrs. ago when I first ripped my cd collection, but the hard drive got corrupted and had to do it all over again.

I love to see the art in my tracks, and re-ripping a third time is no biggie!

Cheers Mel

I haven’t installed any Quick Look plugin, and I can preview FLAC files, but Mojave doesn’t show the cover art and music takes noticeably to start playing.

I use AIFF, and it all started with Beatport selling AIFF files, so I converted my entire music collection to AIFF; consistency is essential to me.


Hi @Polarbear0104, I use iTunes (on Windows) to rip CDs as .aiff. You can get the track names and artwork directly from iTunes. If not, it is easy to add.

Btw. I tried several programs for ripping CDs and found iTunes has by far the best error correction. Very important for old CDs.

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