Akai Force using WiFi to connecting to Ableton Link video (+ sc5000?)

Just saw the following post on Instagram:

“Here’s a quick glimpse of our video with the Akai Force using WiFi link which we’ll be uploading tomorrow! Stay tuned.” from ‘getinthemixuk’

And the video features (from right to left): Akai Force, DJ X1800 mixer, & a sc5000 (I don’t see a laptop but I assume one is in play since the post uses hashtag ‘serato’). [I would post the link but i don’t want my post to get grounded/reviewed for the next 7 days].

I didn’t actually realize that the Force had (turned on) wifi capabilities which (apparently) are interchangeable with the LAN port. Umm…what? From Akai’s FAQ:

> "Yes! You can sync the Force with other standalone hardware, computers, [and] iOS devices that are Ableton Link compatible by connecting to your local WIFI network or using the Link port on the back of the Force"

Wow. What The Frack?! Oh, Snaaaaaap!! Wut? So I wrote this letter:

Dear Denon DJ Product Managers/Management,

So I noticed that President’s Day has come and gone without a single President’s Day surprise from Denon. Though disappointing, I realize now that you’ve decided to wait for my birthday (the same birthday as Johnny Cash…) to drop the exciting/surprising/hoped-for/wildest dreams news that with the next firmware release, users will have access Ableton Link compatible Wifi link to a local network allowing the sc5000 to ‘sync’ with other AL compatible standalone hardware, computers, & iOS devices.

Walk the Lin[k]e, m+

ps. Hey @discobot what is your favorite song by the man in black?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Hmmmmmmmmmm well this IS interesting!!! Thanks for posting Matt!

february 2019 seems like a million years ago so after two and a half years of caring/not-caring, I’m weirdly just moments away from testing out the newly added Ableton Link functionality in my one sc5000 with my Akai Force. respect to all the Ableton Link advocates on here testing similar setups/configs - plus a sincere and massive THANK YOU to the intrepid (but anonymous or at least unknown to me) denondj employees who pushed hard for AL functionality. m+ ps. what up @Djscottyb - it’s been a while. hope you’ve been healthy & well

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How is it with the force linked to the 5000?