AKAI Force + Denon DJ Prime promo video


I have every confidence this will eventually arrive.

The Link ports will probably be turned on at a later date with a firmware update and will breathe new life into a product, probably a year or so down the line.

I think pretty much anything is possible in firmware and when they are ready to market a complete system they will do it.



MIDI start and tempo phase is indeed still not available on the mixer.



At some point we have to ask ourselves “where does this confidence and faith in Denon DJ (the company) come from and when is that faith exhausted?” I myself feel a pull towards ‘the Faith’ - and feel it all the stronger after investing both money and time (and faith for that matter) in Denon DJ. I want Denon to succeed. But I also don’t want to feel like a chump because I believed in an entity that ultimately made decisions for business reasons (I get it’s not personal) that led us down a dead end.



Preach my positive friend! I wish Denon would be a little more transparent about updates on things. Some sort of timeframe. My brain is fatiqued from EP and just trying to track by track do everything on my SC5000s. And I still can’t fix a lot of it even if I want to. I’ve used a Serato controller for my last 4 gigs this past week. That’s troubling. : /

Did I mention I love my Prime setup?

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Denon’s rivals probably wish Denon would blurt out their plans for the next 12 months too. :slight_smile:



Oh jet. They’ve already shown off what the Prime 4 will do. It’s all the same ecosystem. Just tell us Prime SC5000 users when we get our updates. Tell us when EP will be more usable. I’m not saying show us the prototypes for their upcoming stuff. Just let us existing users know what’s up. They’ve also already said in interviews the stuff is coming for us. Just be up front and say when. Also. How about steady updates. Smaller but frequent updates make users feel better and that they’re still being listened to. Just ask any game hardware and software developer. Just about every time you turn on your PS4 or XBox One they’re getting updates. Patching bugs and adding features. iOS apps. Same deal. Apps that cost a buck! And guess what. Those machines don’t cost near what ours did. Lots of people around here have been waiting patiently a lot longer than me and stayed faithful to this system. They spent the very hard earned money. Spent so much of their time training their muscle memory for it. Working through Engine Prime. Just talk to your users with some solid facts rather than things are coming. Like Matt said it starts to make you feel like you’re being led a bit. Denon has its biggest audience yet. The discounts with sc5000/x1800 and the Prime 4. People are talking about it. Just hoping they don’t let that all slip away.

And please don’t let this sound like I’m discounting the hard work from Denon and their wonderful people who frequent this forum and listen to us complain and moan. I have said many times how wonderful they are to be here and offer help. And I 100% know that updates are HARD because they have to also be stable! You fix one thing in software and you can break 10 more. It’s just that it’s been a while waiting for some pretty basic things. We’re kinda all in this together ya know?



Well, I sold my djs-1000 and some other gear and now I have an Akai Force! Like all new gear, it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of and I can almost feel the life of happiness and fulfillment it will bring me. :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow:

But seriously… I might dust off the sc5000 and use it at the very least as an external audio source as I learn/practice the AF. My sc5000 has mostly been a display pedestal for the sc5000 decksaver (it’s a nice decksaver though). I’ve also been working with the new Serato more to test out the Roland TR-SYNC capabilities between Serato and some Roland stuff on loan (TR-09, TB-3, TR-8).

I have to check if Serato and Roland talk to each other in HID but maybe before the week is done I can rock (or at least setup) a: sc5000 + Akai Force + Serato HID on sc + TR-8 + TB-3 + my cat trying to jump on the Force.