After USB update getting this message: The following peripherals did not come online during boot (SC5000 Display)

After USB update getting this message: “The following peripherals did not come online during boot SC5000 () Display”.

I have the option to update the firmware(which I just did) or ignore. Clicking Ignore allows the player to work normally, or so it seems…

I have a 3 giant events coming up in a couple of weeks and need these to work flawlessly. What is this message and it’s impact?

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Try different usb key with a fresh download and see if it’s the same

I had the same issue, to fix install older firmware then install back to the latest.

Hi @dchurch have u been able to solved this issue, I’m having same one ?

You just need to install the older firmware again, then give the new firmware a go, according to dchurch above.

Denon DJ or inmusic should really be trying hard to stop this issue. People have become used to the idea that what machine they pay for is only 75% of the machine they’re going to end up with 5 years later as if the firmware is like a free magazine subscription with new stories to read every month. If the magazine destroys the house front door with every edition that arrives it’s a catastrophic fail of epic proportions Denon!

@DJ_Sontag I can’t remember my old firmware version how would I find out,

Update…Upon belief that the firmware fixed the issue initially…the issue came back. I was luckily able to return the unit to Guitar Center and get a replacement. Maybe Denon DJ could help with a reply here.