After playing for 1 hour sound got distorted?

So last Saturday I had a gig. Everthing was working fine (2 Sc5000 and the x1800 mixer, all linked and both players had an 32gbt usb drive in them) but after playing for 1 hour the sound got very distorted or streched. Also the LED ring on the playing deck was blinking like crazy. As if some one was tapping the platter very fast. Searching for an other track while the other deck while playing from the same usb drive was also triggering this distorted sound. So i thought maybe there is a problem with the usb or the link. I changed the usb and tried other ethernet ports on x1800 but the problem still appeart. After rebooting both players this problem went away, for an other hour or so. Than the same thing happend… for some reason turning down the gain on the mixer helped. Maybe vibrations from the PA ? This happend like 3 or 4 times that night and i don´t know why. Also one player had the message Hardware issue detected displaying after rebooting it. One day later at home the message would not appear after turning it on an the Sound issues are also gone.

Maybe some one can help, I don´t want this to happen next time.

The SC5000 has been proved to be impervious to such external influences, what with the festivals and DJ Expos etc having A-Lister DJs with Function1 cabs/systems just a meter or so away being used as booth monitors with truly enormous sound systems present.

Your particular situation would most likely be something more individual, so perhaps we can discuss that in more detail e.g.: Where the unit was (Home, club, marquee, poolside etc)? Do you have more than one unit? if so, are both units doing the same?.. and if you swap the left deck with the right deck does the behaviour follow a particular unit or stays with whichever unit is nearest a particular item e.g.: Speaker? high current device? etc?

I was using Two sc5000 and the x1800 Mixer. Both Player had the same problem at the same time. Shwapping didn’t help. Maybe it had something to to with the power consumption because the distortion was happening at loud kicks. So i had to turn down the gain. But after restarting both player the problem was gone for an hour, even at high volumes. An other thing i noticed that night, one cue button on the x1800 mixer, had the wrong layer colour i had to set it manualy. All other had the right colours. So maybe there was an networking issue ? I don,t know.

Here at home all problems seem to be gone, but i can´t turn up the volume that much , to recreate the club enviroment.

What about your connections? I connect my Players by digital cable. So the signal comes digitally to the X1800 an then it runs through the D/A. If you connect by Analog cable, the Player works D/A, then the Mixer A/D and output again D/A. Should not be a problem but maybe.

The problem with non accurate cue colors on the x1800 i solved by new network cables. Did you connect the system by the “engine” knob on the x1800?

Distorterz, The fact that both platters are flashing/distorted suggests that the players interacting with the environment somehow. My guess is that the distortion is the audible result of the platter falsely thinking it’s being touched repeatedly and rapidly, and these are not two separate issues. Were the tracks playing slightly slower when the distortion happened and was it a "stuttery: distortion rather than a “clipping” distortion? If this does happen again, there’s a good chance that disabling Vinyl mode will also get you out of the situation in a pinch.

The platter touch is a “capacitive” sensor and not a mechanical one. This means that it could be fooled by poor grounding or other interference in the Venue/DJ booth. If you say that it only happens when the bass hits, it could be that the supply voltage is fluctuating heavily because there is too much load on a single circuit. As for grounding, I usually carry around something like THIS (link), just to be sure. I don’t want to accuse your club of shoddy wiring, but it never hurts to be safe rather than sorry by checking before plugging in.

Thanks for answering.

@Harry I was using the rca cables that came with the unit, but have digital cables now. And the problem with the cue colours ist also fixed.

@AIRVince Yes the tracks where slower and stuttery. Maybe it realy has to do with poor grounding oor something, because at home a have no problems at all. When i play there the next time i will take a closer look where the power is coming from.


I too had this same problem last week while playing at a gig I have both sc5000 conected to each other via ethernet cable and they all run digital coax. I unplugged the network and that did not correct the problem so I unplugged all but 1 drive then rebooted the player and 2 minutes later it happened again so i powered down and un plugged the power for 2 minutes before starting again and this fixed the problem. Too my ears the tempo was fluxuating and rather then distortion it sounded more like the sound card was stuggling very similar to if you run out of ram on a pc

Can you recall what file type it was that you were playing e.g.: FLAC, AIFF etc?

They were all mp3 320 bitt rate I don’t think it was a problem with the files or drives as I changed them and it took a proper power cycle ie removing all power from the unit and letting it reset to correct. The audio got choppy and a couple of people commented that my CD was scratched :joy:

So I had this problem happen again this weekend after approximately 4 hours This time it affected both units and I had to re-power both units I’m guessing this has something to do with the networking between the two units but both times this has happened I have been pushing the tempo beyond 20% Have you guys got any idea what is going on and do you think there will be a solution soon as reliability as the most important thing to me and this is causing me major headaches

@Subtronic Where the LED-Ring on the jogwheels flashing, flickering or blinking, when the sound got distorterd ? And does this problem also occur at home, or just at gigs? Because in my case at home everything seems fine.

This weekend i have a gig in the same place where i had this probleme last time. I´m curious if it happens again.

Can’t say I noticed any difference visually but as before it started by the tempo slowing periodically Both times have been at gigs but totally different locations

I’ve ran into this at home before on the 1.0 firmware. Never with both decks at the same time though. A re-boot of the deck solves the problem for me. Have not had the issue pop up since I have updated the firmware though. If you run into the issue again, try rebooting one deck and see if the problem goes away on the one deck you rebooted. Then try re-booting only the mixer and see if the problem persists and with what. This way we can isolate what device is causing the issue.

I’m not running a denon desk the players are connected directly to each other and yes I tried powering the problem one first so I could keep playing on the second but it was glitching as well ended up switching to my backup iPad playlist while I rebooted both players

This Time with the newest Firmware, i had no Problems at all at my gig saturday. I played for 5,5 hours. Both Player and Mixer Performed very Good. So i would realy do the Firmware Update.

Only thing is that someone spilled his gin tonic in one of the sc5000 and then the cue Button wasnt Working probably. After letting the Player dry the cue Button seems to work again, but there is no click anymore ans the feeling of Pressing the Button is Bad. :(. Ja there any Chance to get a Repair?

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I have had this issue a number of times now with distorted sound and also when you watch the waveform it sticks and then catches up throwing off any mix I’m in the middle off. The other deck seems to pitch itself up and down at random and both decks now keep catching the top platter and pulling back the track when pitch bending on the sides. Ive had enough so they are going back to the retailer for hopefully a replacement set as there is definitely a problem. I had pioneers for years and never experienced so many issues when playing. Really disappointed as i love the decks :disappointed_relieved: Cant even revert to vinyl as my VL12’s have been MIA since denon seem to have lost them…

What file types were you using and what was their source? Eg: ripped from original CD ? Downloaded as part of an album ? Etc

Also - have these music files been through any conversion, re-tagging programs etc ?

I download original files from traxsource, beatport etc at 320 mp3 and i use 128gb sandisk usb’s. I have used the usb’s and the music files on pioneers with no problem so i don’t really think its an issue with the files. This issue has been happening for a while i just assumed the software update would sort it but I’m certain thats not the problem. I haven’t had a proper mix for ages as they keep going out of time or digitize the sound. The platter problem has been ongoing and in all honesty the platter adjust has been iffy on one deck from the start. when you adjust it to hard it is tight for half a rotation then it goes slack. oh and before i get any smart comments from other forum users i have dj’ed for 25 years and know how to beat mix!

forgot to say i import into i tunes as I’m a mac user then they are imported into prime or rekordbox. I have tried files both ways and even directly onto a usb without either. on the new update when it was reading the rekordbox file one of the decks froze and seemed to be buffering, these sound and pitch issues were happening before the new update though. Im not in any way saying I’ve never had a problem with a pioneer but i can’t trust these in a club at the moment. I hope you get these glitches ironed out as the decks are superb otherwise.