After playing a track it should jump to start again

Don´t know if that is a bug … but when I played a track, shouldnt it jump after playing is finished, back to its start again ? In all my DJ programms I used, it jumps to start position after playback is finished. (or did I miss an option in preferences ?!)

I second this highly, one very common feature that should be available here.

I tried Serato and Traktor Pro 3 and both don’t do this…That aside though, I would imagine it is not a bug as the players are built to be like record players. I personally like to have the track stay at the end for a couple of reasons: 1) I don’t want the deck to assume anything for me and let me do what I want to the track and (2) it helps me know I have played and finished that track (when and if I was distracted). I guess it’s a matter of preference…Just my thoughts…

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Yeah, I agree with you.


It could be a preference. Before we know it that list will be scrolling near endlessly! :nerd_face:

You can set it playback more than 1 time in “continue playlist”.

I dont think I have never noticed track jump to the start once it finished playing in any software, but I may be wrong. If you happen to have pressed the cue button once the track is finished, when you reload, it will cue to the point where the cue button was pressed. If this is the case try switching Track start position in options, to “Track Start” rather than “Cue Position”

Helle @DJDark, thanks for posting. Songs do not go back to the beginning once finished, this is not a playback feature for PRIME 4. You can however, create a Feature Request, if one does not exist.