After logging into TIDAL "No Tracks Found"

Using a Prime Go. Made sure it’s connected to WiFi. Clicked on TIDAL icon. Went to on my laptop and confirmed sign in and used the correct code.

After authenticating in I get a “No Tracks Found” on all menu selections (My Playlists, My Collection, Featured, Genres, Moods).

Am I missing something…?

Do you have storage connected (USB flash drive, SD card, hard drive)?

unfortunately it doesn’t matter if i have storage connected or not. i’ve tried booting up with and without storage, and still “No Tracks Found”

You will have to press the > on the tracklist or playlist you want to use.

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WHAT. this the second time i just had to do something simple :slight_smile: thanks @Mhansen

but also not intuitive that you need to click on the arrow and keep drilling down…i was expecting it to default load to maybe my saved tracks?

There will be a single tap option in the near future to enter submenus.

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