After analyzing all of my tracks, it repeatedly says “Checking Files”

It’s been doing this for at least an hour now. It’s gone through all the files multiple times.

This also my second time going through this. Last time I just selected “Cancel All” and it corrupted my hard drive and that’s why I’m having to do this again today.

Is this a normal thing? I’m moving all of my music from Rekordbox so I’m not familiar with it.

After a few other bigger niggles have been sorted with Engine, the next to useless Job monitor needs an update.

It needs to tell us more about what it’s doing - like “checking files” ??? Checking files for what? Checking files for duplicates in a playlist? Checking files to see if there have been more cues or loops added on a remote player, since the last time the home collecting toon saw those files? Checking files to see if they exist in the location engine prime thinks they are/were? It should leave us an exceptions list like old engine for 29/39 models did and like music manager did; a list of files that didn’t tick all the boxes - like they weren’t locatable, were wrong format, too long for networking etc

But let’s get the main problems with ep sorted first

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