AFPS formatted external SSD for works with Engine Prime as collection drive

  • 4TB external SSD
  • Thunderbolt 2/3 connection
  • Macbook Pro 2017 (500gb internal SSD)

I just converted my external ssd to AFPS. I was having issues with exFAT. eg accidental disconnect leading to slow mounting next time on my mac. The SSD was HFS before Engine Prime and i had converted to exFAT for compatibility reasons.

This drive is not intended for use with any Denon DJ Prime gear nor Pioneer DJ CDJs. I have a smaller SSD for that purpose.

  • Engine prime reads it normally and Serato DJ is good to go as well.
  • It’s quicker to load and do the usual library refresh.
  • Think there is less file checking in Engine Prime as well…you know when you click on a different collection crate and its checking files like a maniac

With my own workflow i did not see any benefit of sticking with exFAT as i use Macs exclusively for djing.

Just sharing

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