Advice with Tidal on Prime 4

Hi can anybody give me some advice on Tidal when using p4 which one to subscribe to etc and what people generally think. Also I’ve got a Soundcloud Account and wonder what that was also like before I upgrade to either accounts. Thank You

Tidal on prime 4 is really good. You can’t the BPM or key though as your searching you need to anylise first I like Tidal I use it alot. I don’t have the beta when soundcloud was dropped so I can’t tell if that’s good with prime 4 or not. We will get soundcloud and maybe beatport in the next firmware update. If this helps when I search on juno downloads, beatport and trazsourse for tracks Tidal has them all apart from some exclusives and promos which traxsourse tends to have.


Hi which Tidal account have you got is it the premium one ? Thanks for the info

I took a 4 month hifi offer deal. It runs out end of July. I will keep it going but I’ll downgrade it to 9.99 rather than 19 99. You do get 3 months free with the prime 4. If you bought new you just need to register it on the denon dj website. Other gift goodies there too.

Thanks again will do that , also I take it the £9.99 Tidal premium you can use on p4 but lower bitrate than Hifi.

320 so not too bad. Hifi is lossless. For me in a studio I can’t really tell the difference. On a loud system you probably would.

Ok cheers again for the info I’ve had my p4 for 5 months need to register it then. Cheers Rob

Funny thing is that loud systems typically are LESS picky, rather than more. 320MP3 is fine for club/mobile PA situations. Only when you plan on doing a lot of processing (like Platinum Notes for example!) it pays to get the original track in a lossless format. But clearly this does not apply to streaming services.

My three cents as usual.

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