Advice - I just want to upload 1 song!

Hi guys, I have a Prime GO with everything running on the latest version.

I’m a mobile DJ but I like to use Apple Music as my ‘go-to’ master music library. It’s quite large with lots of playlists which I’ve replicated in Engine OS.

I want to just add 1 single new song bought on Apple music and also added to an existing playlist. This is a 1st Dance for a wedding so something I have to do quite often.

The issue is, I ‘re-sync’ the entire Apple Music library again each time in Engine OS just to add 1 song. It takes ages to re-sync everything just to update a playlist with 1 song and then export it to my SD card for the Prime GO.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a much easier process to do this which I am just not aware of? I have tried to research but struggle to find a solution.

Many thanks for your help, Dan

Hey @bassmanndann - I believe I’ve answered this on another platform, but just in case, you can just drag and drop the file in Engine OS.

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