Adjusting Gain Sensitivity

Hello all,

I may have missed this, but I read through the manual and played with the settings for a couple hours- is there a way to adjust channel gain sensitivity on the x1800? I have an x1600 and it has this adjustment, but the x1800 has too much headroom for me…I’m now used to a tighter gain function for volume.


I had X1600 and there was no gain sensitivity adjust. What are You talking about?

Unless he means phono/line sensitivity on the gain adjust - but 1800 has that switch too, just in a different place

I’ll have to double check the exact setting in the x1600, but there is an audio setting where you can adjust the sensitivities of each channel’s gain knob. By gain I mean the grey ‘level’ knob above the ‘hi’ knob on the channels.

The rear input sensitivity on the X1800 is not currently adjustable. They recently appropriately reduced it, something the MP2015 is greatly in need of, but did not make it fully adjustable like on some of the older Denon DJ models like the X1700. For instance, a 0dBFS SPDIF input signal meters to about -15.5dBFS on the X1800, which is pretty comfortable at just a few dB above the meter zero (0dBVu) that’s about -18dBFS below the digital brick wall, IMO, but having it adjustable would be useful for widely differing output levels. If they ever add a -6dB pad on the Prime players and don’t make the X1800 input levels adjustable for each of the input types, then I hope they will at least change this from -15.5dBVu to -10. Adjustable would be better, though. I’d be curious if you’d run out of gain/trim knob boost. I suspect you haven’t yet and this is just a matter of personal preference, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Well I had the x1600 since it was on the market, and I finally know where is the gain knob! Thank you.

Anyway there is no setting of the Gain sensitivity. You have fixed sensitivity of the gain knob. You could only adjust the input sensitivity - that is gain. Not gain sensitivity.