Adjust prime 4 recording level

To be able to change the recording level, currently its way too low. This is a must if you record your performances. The ability to add new tracks via usb and not having to reply on a laptop or pc in my case, i would currently need a 10m cable from mt P4 to pc. So easy with a usb to be able to top up :slight_smile: No clock ?? How many tracks are on the system ?


Way too low from what? Is 0dBVu showing up as -18dBFS when you put the recording in an editor or DAW later?

Well all my levels on the unit are beyond peak and the recording is still very low. With a unit like this surely after a recording you dont then have to now purchase recording software and and start messing editing your recording afterwards? Its took long enough to get your tracks into the system to start with. There should be a way of turning your recording level up or down. My Master is at the top and same for gain yet the recording is super quiet. Im experimenting with it and its getting louder but it needs a boost and a setting on it to be able to adjust this.


Audacity is free.

Ok with a unit like this surely you dont have to download free software and start editing your recordings ? haha. These are just useful additions it could have for the future. The unit is by far the best thing ive ever used, its incredible, but always room for tweaks and improvements :slight_smile: Hence the feature request forum. :slight_smile:


A unit like what? It’s very very cheap for what it offers already

Make a video of how you’re using the unit (levels, metering, setting, etc) and recording. Upload that video to YouTube. Post the short recording here. Edit the post to add the YouTube video link.

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done! thanks for highlighting

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agree. the recording option needs to reflect serato (the competition) where serato allows the option to adjust the recording master volume output.


I have done some tests on this as I’m having a similar issue. I started recording, turned off my monitors and headphones…increased master to full and gain higher so that the master UV was screaming to be tamed. Ran recording through audacity and this was the result

As you can see the highlighted section is VU peaking at the top of the meter not flashing but fully solid. It is something which needs to be looked at. It’s great having a ton of headroom but only if you know how to utilise it. Not all DJs are sound engineers :grin:

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As I previously explained, master knob should not be at full but rather should be at its unity: where master meter matches a wide-open channel’s meter. Prime 4 is recording the pre-master record out, not the master out. Make sure your channel fader is all the way up, crossfader off, and try to clip the channel meter when recording to properly test this.

Probably the most simple solution for InMusic to alleviate confusion on the topic would be to just give people the ability to choose whether to record the record out (as now) or switch it to record the master out, which in the case of the latter would allow you to essentially adjust the volume… or rather get the recording volume to match the adjustable master. No need for some arbitrary goofy recording volume setting that could present clipping or destructive compression.

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What level was the Channel Gain?

Up faders maxed out?

Master out shouldn’t affect your recording…I could be wrong

Master volume control doesn’t directly affect it right now, but it indirectly does when it’s up to max like that and you’re using the master meter as the reference when testing this, as you will erroneously think the record level is higher than it is.

As for channel gain level, we want to look at the channel meter not the knob… just in case there’s any confusion.

That’s assuming the Prime 4 Channel VU meter is accurate right?

Have you ever considered that it may not be?

And this is why I say in this troubleshooting

  1. Max out the Channel Trim

  2. Record

  3. Play the recording

  4. What’s the result?

Will test these things tomorrow people, if I remember I literally turned the upfader, trim and master all the way up (without monitors in obviously). From what I believe the recording is based on the master channel out meaning anything after the mixer. Essentially I think serato/laptop works differently because you are recording back into the laptop after sending your signal to the mixer. Whereas in this standalone your basically recording out right? I maybe wrong tbh I’m no engineer I just spin songs. I also dont know why that would effect the record level. But surely with all those things at max the recording should be clipping to bits but it isnt.

Headroom is good and all but not as much as I’m getting, with serato I was able to record at a good volume with no clipping at all, no amplifying in audacity etc. I’m not saying serato is better or anything just does that one thing a little better. Recordings on the P4 are clear as day aside from being quiet and it’s very smooth no loading after stopping recording even after an hour or so. So ya know, good points and bad I guess is what I’m saying

That remains to be established. For certain the master VU meter when the master knob is all the way up is not a reliable reference for the recording levels, as its unity is lower than max position and the meter will thus show a higher level than the recording level in that situation. I have no reason thus far to assume the channel meter when the fader is all the way up and the crossfader is off is an inaccurate reference of recording level. That channel meter should be the reference for the recording out level if that is what the recording is being made of. Citing as the recording level references to use either the master meter when the master knob is somewhere other than its unity or citing the position of the gain/trim knob for the channel in question would both be wrong, though… if one were to make those claims.

I’d also be wary of Audacity. Try and use something that can communicate with the Prime 4 direct through CoreAudio or ASIO. Audacity is affected by OS volume controls.

Denon, why don´t use the internal audiolevel of the Master, which is send to PA as recording source. Then add a Limiter on that Level to avoid peaking (Adjustable in Utilities as Record Limiter), so we can adjust how much Headroom we want at recording. (-1dB at a real balanced Master out is just enough to avoid peaking). Or do some real DJ´s overdrive the Main PA with clipping levels, because it will sound nice ?! (No - I don´t think so.) If Master is right setted, we have a good recording level, too … (Think as you record to a good old Analog Tape !!!)

Why do you make it so complicate Denon ?

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