Adjust beat grid starting point

Hey all,

Brand new Denon Prime user coming from Serato. I got all of my cue points converted no problem. Now I am working on adjusting my beat grids. My very first cue point I have set to be where I want Bar 1 Beat 1 to be (to skip over unnecessary parts some songs have at the beginning). In serato it was very easy to do and I am not seeing the option in Engine Prime. Is there any way to do this?


Press CUE and it will assign Beat 1

It’s different to Serato because anywhere you press CUE the beat 1 will be reassigned to that point

And I agree it will be lovely to have it permanently in a spot like serato

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Another for that :raising_hand_man:

I should start a request for that yeah?

Awesome, thanks for clarifying that for me. I completely agree, a permanent spot would be ideal.

Yeah, good idea great mate