Adding tracks to media source on the fly?

Is it possible to add tracks to the media source I’m using live via a connected laptop or second media source?

Tried to keep the question simple, but I have a huge library on a 4TB hard drive. There are occasions where I get asked for something I’ve not loaded onto my Prime 4. I need a way of being able bring in those additional tracks.

Just put the new / temp tracks on a usb flash drive and insert that to the prime 4 -,each track will analysise if you load it.

There’s no laptop hard drive to Prime link, while playing, even on the big Primes

@DJ_Sontag thanks for the reply. Would be great if it were possible, it would save some time between gigs having to drag to Prime 4 into my office and hook up to the computer. I think I’ll be changing to an external disk rather than the internal one for that reason alone.

I would also advise external drive (or USB Stick)… or when you want to keep using the internal drive a laptop might do this job without ‘drag into office’.

You can off course leave the internal drive (as backup) and only update internal when it’s convenient to you and use and work external as your main drive.

Hey there @Stewski1973, thanks for posting! I think our streaming functionality is a perfect solution for you! Have you tried out our v1.4 Open Beta for PRIME 4 to test out the streaming services via TIDAL?