Adding Artwork to Engine Prime

Hi I can edit the title, artist and all the other tags for a track but no matter what I do I cannot add the artwork. Please can someone walk me through it. Thanks - Keith

You can’t walk. It’s not possible.

We have been asking for this since forever, but so far Denon haven’t added it.

I use Mp3tag for that purpose.

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Hi PK Thanks for the info at least I know It’s not me. Keith

Hi Kevin Thanks for the info, only a small amount of my files are mp3 these did go across (artwork) but most are Wave. I Have had a lot of issues using Wave and adding the data in the past but using Rekordbox is ok.You would have thought Denon would have sorted this as the SC 6000 reads files up to 192 kHz @ 32 bit. Keith

I gave it a quick test. Mp3tag works with Wave files, too. I was able to add a cover to a Wave file and it showed up in Engine.

@DJKeith : MP3 Tag (mp3/mp4/flac/wav/aac/…) free app // no brainer. it’s a top app for your whole music management system, this app is my 1st stop when music hits my hdd.

Hi N.D.M.

Now that’s what I call a tip, solved the issue.

Regards Keith


Believe it or not but virtual DJ (home free version) you can edit tag then click art work and it will search Google iTunes and discogs for that tracks artwork. Much quicker process and it saves to wav and mp3s :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Then back over to engine desktop and re-import tag data for that track.

I use MP3tag for batch tagging filenames names to tags etc, but VDJ is much quicker to add art work. Saves you time looking for it separately, downloading it then saving it to tag.

Tagscanner is another great free programme which also finds track art and it also adds year and record label etc if your looking for complete tagging.

Hi Ravinstomper. Now that is another good way round the issue thanks for that. What I cant understand is if you and others can find ways to add artwork why can’t Denon just add a program so you just click add art work on engine prime in the first place not much to ask, it works on rekordbox ok.