Add tracks in beginning of playlist folder

I’m an oldskool Traktor Pro user and changing to Engine Prime. I’ve ordered the new Prime 4 standalone player and I’m learning to work with Engine Prime.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when I drag and drop tracks from my collection to a playlist folder the track is added as last track. Is there a way to add this track in the beginning of this playlist folder.

This means that when a have the track locked with my mouse the playlist folder automatically opens and I can drop my track at the location in the playlist folder that I want (like it did in Traktor Pro)



My recommendation is to use Itunes, it is the best way to organize the music and then import it into serato, engine prime or any other program in exactly the same order, plus it gives you the advantage that if you change the software of dj is almost 100% I’m sure that he can import it and you will not have to do all that work again, anyway in engine you can drag the song to the position you want or use the option to change the order number regards