Add different search/filter criterias to the SC5000?

Hi, Is there any way to add new and/or other search criterias to the SC5000? I’m especially interested in being able to sort by “Date Added”, “Rating”, Number of plays etc.

Thnx Fredrik


+1 for “date added”


Request Noted - Thanks


Another Filter Please: By Year


Year is an important one for me so +1 on that, and also: a) Comment b) star rating, and another tag adding for: c) Grouping, after many years using a few of the main DJ software the best conclusion was these are the main 4, that are most beneficial to customising your searches and giving the best scope to allow for this individuality a DJ may wish to have, it all very well catering for the basics tags but as we all know this type of thing is very personal so we need these options to bring out the full potential,

I personally have searches that I like to break down into many sub categories searches and descriptions, mood etc. and using these 3 tag above I mention is the best way to allow a DJ to be themselves, obviously the year should be in their as standard !. the tags have to be the most relevant / usable to a DJ preforming a live set or even just getting one together. believe me I have battled with tags and to now do without some of the most important tags for browsing and searching that took me a while to get just as I like, now I have stepped back into the very basic dark ages. yet it does not have to be this way.
I look forward to a better working system than we have been given so far, personally I think if the tag is their in the software then it should be usable/customisable via the players to the users preferred choice, but lacking that flexibility my 3 extra tag choices and the addition of year give a broader search scope, on top of the basics we have so far.

The biggest let down as a DJ to be tied to the software, the software integration and the flexibility to plan and save a set via the players is the most surprising aspects to me to not to be able to do, so I have to go back to the software each time to plan a set which is so awful feeling and unintuitive. The Denon SC5000 are supposed to be all that, yet so many holes in this complete system at present, great ideas just not followed threw and made more practical, so much potential yet some obvious things missed, skipped or forgotten.

Denon you need to get everything working well together, pioneer suck because of this, many of us put our life on hold to buy into the new sc5000 its no cheap thing to us working class and its a mean feat for us to own the whole system, I would rather buy into one player that will hold the test of time, denon you have a big window, but it wont stay this way for long, and the browsing and tagging along with this most fundamental choice for the future, being able to plan and save a set via the players and then transfer back to software or another drive for backup,

Cheers for listening.


+1 for ‘comment’ section! Would be great to view the section on the player as I keep essential info on the tracks in here. If added I would 100% buy, it’s the only thing stopping me right now.


+1. I need more Informations on the screens, too


Having all these search criteria would be great and much needed. But be good to have an option in the preferences that selects which search criteria options are shown, maybe like a tick box system.

Just thinking people can have further customisation to their work flow and preference.

Of course it doesn’t have to stop there, what with all the other possible preference options available on the SC5000!


The firmware/platform has nearly endless possibilities, so I wouldn’t know what they come up with next. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Mojaxx also mentioned in his review that Boolean search would be nice and I agree.

Furthermore, my preference would be to keep the screen layout uncluttered when mixing, but to customize it with settings could be very powerful to other DJ types (mobile).

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+1 for me also.

How about double filter? (I.E. Genre and Key, or artist and bpm)

How about no space or punctuation required? (less keystrokes)


yes please. this is a must

For me too the search per year would be 1+

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