Add Check USB Format to Corrupt Database Error Message


The other day i received a corrupt database error message during syncing of my playlist over to my 512GB external USB drive.

I had no idea what was going on. Thanks to forum members. I checked my main database and it was fine.

It was then realized the error was from my 512GB USB storage drive. It was formatted to FAT32 and could not handle the over 52,000 music files that i was attempting to add to it.

When it got to the end of loading my playlist i received the corrupt database popup error.

My solution was to simply reformat to EXFAT and all was fine after that.

My suggestion, to recognize during the analyzation of storage capacity of tracks, and reword the corrupt database popup message to something along the following lines “Check external USB storage for proper formatting”.

This should be useful in helping others that should come across my issue.

Thank you.