Add a Enable/Disable microphone in recording recording option

Pretty simple. I record my live shows and then upload them to mixcloud and I want the ability to not have the mic come into the recording mix at all. Also having the ability to not have the ducking from talkover happen would be great, but I can understand if that is too much.


I have the same question! I want to turn the mic OFF so I can record mixes without talking over it if I need to make an announcement. If you have found the answer to your question, can you please reply?

Best solution IMO is to not plug a mic into the mixer that’s doing the recording. That way you won’t have a mic signal to worry about, and the music levels won’t be randomly going up and down on the recording.

Use a second mixer. Do the recording on mixer 1, then feed the output into mixer 2. Plug the mic into mixer 2 as well, and duck the music on mixer 2.