Activating pre-defined Loops

Dear @paul_denondj,

I truely feel that when people asks a question, they get a half-a## answer…

Several months ago I asked, what happened to the function where we could activate a pre-defined loop, before pressing Play on the track, so it automatically starts when the playmarker reached the Loop point.

Load Track → Loop → Select Loop Point → Cue → Start track

I dont remember seeing a answer to this questions yet.

Could you please answer, and maybe tell us if this will get fixed?

I also have tried to get some response from Chloe, by PMs, regarding the poll I tried to make, but she´s has apparently had a great teacher at Denon, and has now evolved in to the same “silent supporter” as many others.

I still love my SC5000´s, but dont love the support/ communication…


Hi @Engell I saw your message and I passed it onto our technical team in regards to the forum but I’ve had no response. I will pass your query above on and I’m sure someone will come back to you very soon.

Hi @Engell

As @Chloe_DENONDJ has replied and has passed your question to the Product Team, we hope to respond soon on that topic. That aside, we promote a forum of courteous and respectful communication here and I’d ask that you refrain from sarcasm when referring to Chloe’s efforts to assist you. You have my personal email address if you’d like to take this discussion offline?



The Denon staff are more involved than most on any other technology site, and listen to concerns/recommendations. Courtesy should be a minimum expectation for those that are on here.


I don’t post a lot but read posts constantly. I am regularly surprised by the barbs people seem to like throwing around. I am quite certain that all of the folks at Denon are hard at work creating and tweaking hardware and software for us all to enjoy. If you have a complaint or suggestion it is unrealistic to expect it to move to the top of what I expect is a very long to do list unless of course it’s some sort of wide spread catastrophic failure. Silence in the background does not mean you are being ignored. Sometimes things take a long time, that’s life. Adapt, adjust, make it work, as professionals that’s what we do. It boggles my mind the number of people running with 1 system, no backup plan. These are machines and regardless of who makes them they will fail. I’ve had a 35 year DJ career and used almost only Denon. Had a few interactions needing service or support and always been happy with the speed and efficiency of the attention I was given. I’ve also been a chief electronics technician for 26 years and have a unique perspective on how these sorts of things are engineered and built and in my opinion Denon products are among the best built in the industry. Call me a homer if you like but I know what I’m talking about. I really enjoy reading about topics on this forum and feel the vast majority of posts are positive and helpful but I take exception to people posting unnecessary sarcasm directed towards the people that are only trying to help us enjoy our products. Keep up the good work Chloe, Paul, and the rest of the Denon team. We appreciate your hard work!!


Back from holiday.

First of all Paul, I also appreciate a courteous and respectful communication and because of that, I should not need to mail you everytime your employees dont answer a message.

A simple; Thanks for the mail - we´ll take a look at it, and get back to you asap.

But when I send a couple of mails regarding a issue I have, and I can see that they are looked at (actually one of them was looked at 5 times I believe it was), but no communication in return, I get like: “Do they actually care?”…I even send a new mail asking for a answer, but again, no response. And therefor there´s sarcasm in my post!

Maybe you do care, maybe you don´t… I have earlier commented on the need for better communication - also directly to you in a mail… I know that things don´t change over night - but there´s like no improvement to see.

I get that Denon staff might work hard at many things - I hope they do…but we have no idea, cause there´s very little respons in return about those requests/ “hopes” people have. I don´t expect that you run out and tell us about all upcoming features, but a glance every once in a while would do a lot… A demo video, where one of your dj´s “accidently” used a new feature… A video where you Paul, tell us about your vision for the SC5000s and so on…

And I still havent got an answer on my question - Will the activation of pre-defines loops get to work the old way again? (So we can activate them before hitting “Play”)

And Chloe, I would still appreciate if you would comment on the mail regarding the poll-function, thanks.

Wish you all a happy new year!


Hi @Engell I have asked our software team if this is possible & currently it is not. The Forum was created by an external company therefore I can not add this feature myself. I will pass it on however.

Hi @Chloe_DENONDJ,

Any news at all on the part about activating the pre-defined loops?

Still no answer…

Not fussed about the answer duration to above. It seems denon like to have their Abracadabra moments on firmware releases - like they’ll say nothing for months then say “in this mornings release we added 22 of your requests”

It’s better than pioneer who just fix 2 or 3 bugs by firmware then launch a new model and say “it you wanted more features, but this new one”

Anyway , Loops!

We’ve got blue loops and green loops , I’d like to see red loops. No, I’m not asking for a colour to match my eyes after a night out, I want a third loop mode. Legacy loop mode.

I’ve had a few denon products and the old loops were better.


£ Set a start point for a loop £ Set an end point for the loop £ Each loop gets stored against that track so next time you load the track, the loops are all there and active. £ When you press play from the front of the track the track plays into the first loop and stays looping in that first loop until you press Loop Exit £ Then playback continues through the track £ When playback reaches loop 2 the playback loops repeatedly until you press loop exit and then playback continues £ when playback reaches loop 3… well, you get the idea.

Cmon denon, forget the “wanna be just like traktor or serato “ don’t forget your roots or loyal customers

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I actually prefer that loop mode you’re talking about where it enters a loop as the play point runs into the in and doesn’t continue playing until you exit it. Right now it’s kinda jumpy, tends to want to deactivate loops, makes it harder to move them around, and harder to stutter back to the in point if necessary.

@Nekoro_DenonDJ - could you maybe help with this? Not getting any answers from Chloe.

See the first post please.

Hi @Engell, I spoke with our Dev Team and they assured me that this functionality has been logged as a feature request.

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Officially logged here: Ability to Set a Loop as an Active Loop

Please like the original post if you want this feature.


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