Accidental power disconnect - keeps playing?

Didn’t I read somewhere that if my power supply becomes unattached, the player will finish the current song before powering down? If I remove the cord from the player I get a little red icon which warns you to re-attach, but it only plays for 3 seconds before powering down. I am just making sure I do not have faulty units. Somehow I remember reading this…

If you disconnect the external drive. The SC5000 will continue to play the track you have loaded. Once as a selling point the SC5000 was advertise to stay powered for around 8 to 10 seconds after a power interruption, but that has change I think. I wouldn’t keep doing this test, if you want keep a good working unit.

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Thanks for the info - and the tip. I didn’t plan on repeating that test, nor will I test the “accidentally removed hard drive” test, just for the sake of my gear. :wink:

This function was in a pre-release unit. DenonDJ have changed it to be only to let the unit have extra time for closing the Prime database.

Yes. The original demonstration of the SC5000’s internal super capacitor was that you could pull the power lead out of the back of the player and the music continued playing, with a big red screen on the player, showing a lightning bolt and a countdown of 10…9…8… etc. If you re-inserted power before the countdown hit 1, then everything just carried on as normal - the audience completely unaware that the next/incoming DJ had pulled out your power accidentally.

However, the practicalities were re-prioritised and it was felt that the super capacitors power would be better used to allow safe shutdown of all USB devices connected whether they were traditional hard drives, SSDs, pen/thumb drives etc. This change was made a few weeks before the units were publicly available. During this safety shutdown, a small yellow power triangle will be seen in the top left corner of the SC5000 display, to warn that external power has been lost.

Whilst this change of use for the Super capacitor is less “Hollywood” it’s more practical in most situations, as if power was lost to the DJ booth, function room, marquee etc, you’ll have lost power to the mixer and speakers/amps also, meaning that the SC5000 could have been playing the track into…nothing. At least this way, when power is restored, your usb devices will have attempted to shut down in as safe a way as possible.