About the USB ports on the back of the unit?

Can’t seem to understand how the USB ports in the back works. I plugged in my USB in the back to see if it work. And nothing in the screen pop up. Only the one in the front works. Am I doing something wrong?

that is an “interesting” observation, I only used the front USB but will check it tonight.

Would be strange as the one in the front is officially a USB 2.0 so it could happen that a USB 3.0 drive will not be able to pulle enough power and then the back USB’s are required.

What did you plug into the back? and which rear USB did you mean?

There are three “holes” on the rear of the SC5000 which could be described as USB. There are two (one above the other) USB 3.0 ports which can be used for USB Hard drives, USB Pen/thumb drives. There is also a narrower/shorter USB B port on the back, like the style of USB port which you’d see on the back of a computer peripheral, like a Printer or Scanner.

Which of the above rear sockets were you plugging into, and what was it that you were plugging in ?

The one on the rear I was talking about is the USB 3.0. I use a 3.0 pny USB flash drive like I said before the one in the front works no problem the other 2 USB 3.0 port nothing. Crazy part too I went to a dj store and demo the unit before I bought it and the same thing happened. I know there nothing wrong with my drive because if there was then it won’t read in the front USB port.

Thanks for clarifying that. Different people sometimes have different ways of expressing the same things.

I’ve known a few thumb drives, and hard drives for that matter, behave in that way - and indeed Google finds quite a few (thousand) results of this with USB3 drives behaving this way, but mainly on desktop/laptop PCs.

As a test, is anything working for you in the rear USB ports?

I don’t use anything else besides the USB 3.0 or 2.0. I find it strange that the one in the front works with no issues got my tracks and logo in the front. When I get home I’ll try another USB flash drive.

Ok quick update! Just got home now so I tested it out with the same usb flash drive. Now both ports usb 3.0 2&3 works! How that happened who know but now is all good. Strange but I’ll take it

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