About the sync / master use

I find that the Sync/Master function is not very intuitive compared to the system that exists on the pioneer CDJ.

On the SC6000/M (and I think it is also the case on the other models of the prime range) it is necessary to press the sync button before pressing the master button of the concerned player. Wouldn’t it be easier to press only the master button directly on the desired player and just press sync on the other slave players as it is the case on the CDJ I think.

Or to make it so that when the master button is pushed on a player, the sync button of this same player is automatically activated at the same time so that all that is left to do is press the sync button of the other players

What do you think about this ?

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I’m thinking of starting a request for this and other sync features–you’re right, it’s not very intuitive and it actually slows workflow down. Here are some of the current issues:

  1. Like you mentioned, you have to hit sync on the current deck first, why not just hit it on the deck you want to sync? Seems superfluous
  2. Tempo Sync locks the tempo of both tracks together, so to adjust the tempo of the new track, you must move the tempo slider of the old track…very counterintuitive. It should at least be the other way around
  3. No Simple Sync mode like most DJ software–what about users who just want to match the tempo of both tracks on the fly and that’s it? No need to lock tempos together, no beatgrids, just give us tempo match and that’s it
  4. No option using for example (Shift + Sync) to return track to it’s original tempo instantaneously, regardless of the position of the tempo fader–actually very useful if you like to mix tracks with wide tempo ranges (also adjusting the tempo fader back to normal is a PITA because you have to move it drastically to be able to make changes and if the range is too large it sounds awful

Just some of the things I’ve noticed, I’ve had to adjust my workflow a lot to compensate for these deficiencies, making transitioning to Denon more difficult / frustrating and creating unnecessary steps that impede the core focus–the music.

Would love to hear others’ thoughts on this!

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Not trying to hijack this thread but was just wonder does the 6000 series sync support Half/Doubles BPM.

Tempo sync in Engine OS is actually just BPM sync, it has nothing to do with “locking both tracks together”. It matches BPM A to BPM B, thats all.

To move the tempo of both tracks now, you have to move the tempo of the designated MASTER track.

The ability to move either tempo fader to increase the global BPM will be a feature request. Perhaps as part of this other feature request or on its own

  • Serato does this by default as it does not have MASTER track function all tracks can dictate the pace.
  • Its called BEATLOCK in VDJ

This is the current BPM sync.


This probably due to having MASTER deck feature.

As a Serato user (no master deck) i find that i have to pay a bit more attention when using SYNC in standalone. In serato i press sync on any deck and it syncs to the opposite deck…no questions asked.

No it does not but requested here

you make some excellent points, i fear there is not enough dj’s with enough experience to even know what you are saying.

both rekordbox and denons way of syncing and locking pitches is super unnatural. having to think about a locked pitch fader takes you out of what you are doing. the small green arrows at the side of the fader do help on the denons and always found it absolutley mind blowing that pioneer removed them off the ddj800/1000.

traktor and serato have it nailed.