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Hello everyone, my name is Mark and I own a Mobile/Club DJ, VJ, and Karaoke Service in Jacksonville Florida called "Extreme Party DJ’s I have been DJing I bought the very first Denon dual CD player when they first came out a very very long time ago and fell in Love with it and everything “DENON” ever since! I only use DENON’s products where ever I DJ/VJ whether on a mobile or in a Nightclub! I really want the new “PRIME” series (2) SC5000’s, (2) VL12’s Turntables, and (1) X1800 Mixer! I buy the majority of my stuff online through either www.idjnow.com, www.PSSL.com, or www.zzounds.com! I’ll pay on the equipment I purchase for 12 months (Play as you Pay) @ $250.00 a month! Unfortunately the Prime Series all together goes over their $3,000.00 $250.00 a month limits, @ $7,497.00 which means I’d have to come up with $4,497.00 down and then pay Off the balance of $3,000.00 in “8” months which is all they will finance DENON products for??? I would like to spread out the $7,497.00 for (24 months) somehow does DENON control how many months the dealers can finance your products for? Some of the items are only 4, or 6, or 8, and even 12 months like QSC (higher priced items)! I think DENON definitely falls under that category and only buying (1) thing at a time won’t work when you need (2) to just get started you wouldn’t Just buy (1) SC5000, or only (1) VL12!!! You will definitely sell more DENON products if we can finance them for a longer period of time like (24 months)!!! Plus you can’t buy the prime series without cases to put them in!!! So that another couple $100.00 on top of the $7,497.00!!!

Also (Odyssey Cases or PRO-X) needs to design out a (Case System) “Modular” where you can attach all or only certain parts of the DENON PRIME / MCX8000 units together to form (1) Case Unit where you can connect the MCX8000 Case to (2) cases containing the (2) VL12’s for one event then disconnect them and connect the (2) SC5000’s for another event, or attach all (4) of them together to use in a Club!!! Just an idea!!! You can use multiple cases now but then there’s all of the wiring running in all directions! UGH! Pain in the butt and it looks bad too! There’s got to be a way to “SNAP” the different cases together with holes between them to run the wiring easier! Anyone out there agree???