About Sound Quality a new buy controller

Hi, Sorry about my english.

i am a dj. and i will buy a new midi controller. and first audio quality is important for me. my all music archive is .flac & wav. i have a Denon MC 6000 controller and using Traktor software. İ guess MC 6000 MK2 sound quality better than MC 6000. i want to buy portable (small) midi controller. MC 7000 ve others is big size controller. it is not easy to carry. i think MC 6000 MK2 or MC 4000 controller.

and the questions;

  1. Which controller sound system better.? MC 6000 MK2 or MC 4000. (i know MC 6000 mk2 standalone and 4 channel, MC 4000 is only controller.)
  2. Other brand (Native Instruments) new controller has Cirrus Logic DAC. 112 db. and we compare the systems on big concert systems. Systems is;
  • L’Acoustic K1 System MAIN P.A

  • Digico SD 8 digital mixer.

  • 1x Rekordbox software

  • 1x Traktor Pro 3 software

  • Focusrite sound card 8 channel ( to SD 8 mixer)

Macbook Pro 2012 Late I7 2.7 ghz 16gb ram NO auto gain on softwares. everything is FLAT.

same macbook pro , same .Wav file, deep house master song. we was checked sound quality with Rekordbox 5 & Traktor Pro 3 (without any midi controller hardware.)

New rekordbox software sound is amazing clearly and a bit wider image. It is a more Punchy and clear. same song same MBP Rekordbox software is not play clear. Low mid is very confused on rekordbox. I guess on Traktor 3 Pro, 160hz like a Notch filter.

when the song’s volume at loud -9 db on main K1 system, Traktor software still clearly and very punchy. But same volume On rekordbox software Low mid frequencies is difficult to hear. is confused.

howewer, it is a important audio quality test for peoples and Brands. and the last. I have a DDJ-RX controller too… but i immiadetly buy second hand.( its not portable with hard case too)

and i will buy a new controller. i don’t want to other brands (like Native).

which controller audio quality is better. MC 6000 MK2 / MC 4000 / maybe MC 7000 ( but Not portable) Help for technical specifications please. i will using with Traktor 3 Pro. its important Traktor 3 computable with midi controller.


Best Regards