Ability to save cue points to use as track markers

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? The ability to save multiple cue points (not Hot Cue) to use as track markers. Then the ability for the P4’s display to give a bar/beat countdown until hitting the next cue point. This is a great indicator to how much time is left on a track until the next important section (breakdown/drop etc) and gives the ability to do quick mixing

  • How will this feature help you and others? Offer quick mixing and better help align tracks when juggling more than two songs at once

  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? Yes the Pioneer XDJ and CDJ players

  • Does a workaround currently exist? You can set up to 8 Hot Cues currently at each section but there is no countdown function on the Denons.

  • How often would you use this feature? every mix

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add? On a CDJ you would set your “cue” points by bringing the track to the desired beat, hitting Cue and then hitting the “memory” button to save it. Next time the track is played it will always count down the bars and beats until it hits the next saved cue point


Than we should that call marker-points … The idea behind that I like.


I totally agree. I used that feature to help me quickly time my mix on the cdjs or pioneer xdj lineup. Can set 10 cue points with brats countdowns. Very nice handy features!

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@Reese and @JWiLL This is a great idea, to use the Track markers, can any of you edit the subject to be correct as “track markers”???


@Officialyourdad: I changed the title to reflect the request better.

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Tell me if I’m wrong but I think that separation of the cue points and track markers would have a big sense. Hot cues and CUE point stay as should. Track markers could be added with beat/bar count down to it and color code or short description (like a emoji/icons).


This is a great idea but I wonder if a marker is actually needed?

Would a simple countdown to the next cue still offer the same benefit?

See this request.

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Thank you :pray:t2:

Maybe the countdown to next marks would be best NOT done in bars or beats. Maybe seconds would be a more useful of measure

Maybe a switchable option to seconds or beats?

so i’ve got 10 secs to the next drop what can someone do with that info?

do i look for a song with 10 secs build up so i can swap the drops?

pitch may not even be at Zero so 10secs is not exactly 10 secs, so the denon OS is not only processing dynamic track time but its going to start crunching for each individual POI marker.

I think beats and bars makes more sense.

Dynamic time will already solve that. I’ve set it via prefs to see absolute total time when pitching.

I do think bars/beats countdown will definitely be better than time. When mixing by ear you normally know when an event in the track happens, but it’s a nice reminder function nonetheless.

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This :point_up_2:t5: :ok_hand:t5:


It would change the hot cues from being performance pads to markers for sections of a particular song. The benefit to using track markers independent from hot cues is that a typical marked track looks like this on a house song. Intro, breakdown, build up, drop 1, breakdown 2, buildup 2, drop 2, outro, end of track

That makes 9 independent spots to put track markers and we only have 8 hot cue pads. Yes you could not use intro and outro markers but that only leaves one hot cue remaining to use as a performance pad. A performance pad is one that might be dropped onto a melody, note, vocal phrase etc that doesn’t necessarily fall directly into one of the previous time markers mentioned before.

Pioneer offers both cue markers ( I have never hit a limit in all the genres I play) as well as 8 independent hot cues that can be used for performance. A typical track for me will use 3-8 hot cues for vocal/Melody chops, drums etc

For this reason I think track markers should be kept independent of the hot cues. And if I was looking into the future of what could make the prime series that much better than the competition, I would also incorporate a option t for"track markers smart analysis" function where Engine actually makes an estimate of where the major sections of a track begin. Think basic song structure (intro/verse/chorus/bridge/outro) I could make an entire post just on the functionality and parameters for such a function.

By having this info it could help beginners, but also veterans like me. When I get to a peak of a set and have quick transition times or 3 or more tracks going at once it’s nice to quickly know how many bars and beats until the next section. Especially helpful in some genres for blending or swapping buildups and drops.

Hope this makes sense and I am using my own experience as an example but I see this as very useful for all DJs


Yes! Hot cues are great, and having 8 of them in one track is plenty.

But it would be SUPER useful if we could drop track markers other than the hot-cues in the tracks. They would literally just be visual cues, so theoretically we could drop/label infinite markers wherever we wanted on the waveform within Engine Prime, and still not be using any extra hardware/buttons on the player.

Practical Use: Sometimes I want to mark when there is 4 or 8 bars before a section of a track. But I don’t need to jump to it…I just need to see it, so that I can start mixing another track.

Please tell me this already exists and I’ve overlooked it?

No, it does not exist yet. I used something like that using normal static CUE points on CDJ’s back in the days… I would like to have independent track markers as well.

This makes the most sense. If the screen shows like 52 beats left, you’ve got to do a bit of maths from the BPM to work out how much actual time you’ve got left to search for, or cue up the next track so seconds would be better. But once you get closer, like less than 30 seconds away, then a beats countdown would probably be better.

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