A week using the engine - problems and doubts!

Hello A week ago I switched to Denon Prime after 9 years with pioneer I have been using the engine and I have found some details that for many are the end of the world! But I think that with everyone’s contribution we can make it work correctly. I have read thousands of requests in the forum, some very good and others very basic. Apparently, many DJs today find it difficult to adjust the music to the ear. Because they want everything to be done alone. I think laziness increases with so much technology. LoL

let’s go to the topic When I pass my serato to motor folders, the reading is not the same. Which forces me to rectify the starting points. And the grid is totally unbalanced. It does not affect me because I keep using my ear to mix and the numbers are just a reference. But it is something that should be improved urgently since the reading between programs must be identical.

Music files loaded with serato Some music files for some reason have a longer duration. In which the end highlights several minutes of silence.

there must have been some reading error with some format since the folder only had mp3 and flac

Loading folders is easy! Add themes to folders too! But erasing a file or folder from memory using the engine is something I did not achieve. I could only do it by removing directly from the usb. looking for the file Is there any way to delete folders and themes from the engine?

metadata More access is needed to modify things. example. Place or remove the illustration. A more attractive color palette to classify the starting points. It would be interesting if the first color is red like another program hahahaha

I read that many are upset Why can not the firmware be updated from a USB memory?

I wanted to do it and it did not work. possibly because the only available USB memory was 2.0

but directly from the macbook is safer for me. if it can be achieved from a usb memory. How does the competition work? all good Using the computer to do it is not a great sacrifice.

those would be my doubts and contributions regarding engine prime

use 2 sc5000 prime. Until today I have not had problems. the files work correctly except the aforementioned details

Thank you

Well spoken, so true and so on the point! At the end of the day, planning, preparation and good knowledge of the music to be mixed, together with the most high end equipment we possess - our ears, keeps the “record” spinning.

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I updated my sc5000s firmware with a usb.