A few words to Denon



First of all, allow me to salute you for the Prime units - its a awesome set of equipment.

We have had our discussions, mainly because of the MCX8000.

But I do want what is best for Denon - not saying that I have the solution for everything but here are some ideas.


It is critical that users are getting information about what is going on, so if only you once every other week could make a “status-announcement”, this would be very much appreciated from all I think.

Make this as a closed thread in the Forum News-area - this way we´ll always be able to see the latest announcement fra Denon. We all saw how important this was during the lack of information with the MCX8000.

And we see it again now with the 1.2 Prime update… people are having issues with the Hot Cue function and 2 days after launch, no one from Denon has adressed any of the posts. Just let us know if you have seen the issue, and what status is.


I do know that codeing doesn´t happen like a “switch of a button”.

It takes time… None the less it´s better to make small updates more often, than letting your customers wait 8-10 months with the only information being: “It´s right around the corner”.

People tend to feel forgotten, gets frustrated and stop believing in the product/ brand.

Personally I would rather have 1 single thing updated once or twice a month, than no news at all for several months.

Take VDJ as an example - they are constantly making updates. And I do know that that is only software and yours might be a bit more complicated since its a peace of hardware where the software inside needs to work perfectly.

But still - a smaller update every 30 day (or so), keeps the doctor away… or something like that :slight_smile:

Vote for Features:

If possible, make a vote-function where people can vote on the features that are most important to them. Dont let us make the subjects for vote - Denon should list them they allready have heard about and if we need something else up to vote, we write you and you put it in.

Then allow people to vote on 5 or 10 subjects, and that way you can see what the majority wants, and can react to that much faster and make the list smaller.

One for SC5000, one for X1800, one for MCX8000 and one for Engine Prime.

I am so happy that i went from the MCX8000 and I finally have a stand-alone-setup that works. Thanks for the Prime set - best money I have spent on a setup so far!

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Yes, VirtualDJ are very responsive. I asked for a feature option recently to switch off video skins appearing in the video preview and it was in the release the next day.

Atomix are different because both the company owner and a dedicated developer are working on it constantly. They also have a dedicated team working on hardware interface and all in all the product is excellent.

I think the problem with Denon is that the Air team are working across various brands and product lines and they clearly don’t have enough resources. It’s something I have pointed out in the past but it’s not been improved. I know there are issues but the MCX8000 Beta has stalled and irrespective of the reasons it’s not what customers want.

I don’t own prime, but to me it’s a bit like buying a brand new car only to be told you will get the steering wheel in 6 months and the radio the year after.

The out of the box experience needs to be far better. The main competitor is very good at that.

Denon have great hardware but the software development is sadly not up to par at all.


And we see it again now with the 1.2 Prime update… people are having issues with the Hot Cue function and 2 days after launch, no one from Denon has adressed any of the posts. Just let us know if you have seen the issue, and what status is.

Thank you mate i hope that denon will listen ! The vote function are essential


i disagree with voting. if a feature dream gets lots of voters but is out side of hardware possibility wont people say they that they are not being listened of? Has this happened already maybe with people saying that what they thought was an important feature has not happened in the new firmwares of 3 days ago

I’ve been reading a lot online before I ordered Primes and I worry that slow development of Engine Prime and slow release of firmware for SC5000 is being dragged by trying to keep MCX 8000 communication with Engine. Its like a big triangle. Whatever the SC5000 is made to do, it must not overreach what beyond Engine Prime can do and Engine Prime must not do anything that the MCX 8000 cannot do.

This remind me of one of the war movies where a wounded soldier (8000) is slowing the whole team down in their escape. The wounded soldier then shoots his own mouth to give the team the best chance. But its nicer to aim for no one leaving behind.


it will be better over all when software takes no part in DJ shows and just the hardware and its own firmwares do every step. This is a big reason why I have ordered Prime. I know that its nice to use Engine Prime for some aspect but a file on a usb key will analyse by the player all on its own without software. I hope more directions will follow this.


Thats why I say make a Voting system that Denon control… Denon knows what is possible because of hardware…we dont. That way they can focus.