A few questions about SC5000s with Serato DJ Pro

After a long hiatus getting moved and setup in new studio, I recently made the maddening discovery that my Rane SL2 interface for Serato DJ Pro is now yet another worthless Rane paperweight since it’s been discontinued and no longer supported, and can’t be used with my current setup which includes a pair of Denon SC5000 Prime media players. Needless to say I’m beyond frustrated with Rane ever since they were acquired by InMusic for all kinds of reasons like this one !@#$%^&*()_)($#$@. They’re NOTHING like the old Rane when it was a US company, but that’s another topic for now. Anyway, situation here that I’m trying to get firm answers on is this; Current setup is a pair of Denon SC5000 Prime media players, a Condesa/SSA mixer (100% analog, no USB/interface), and Serato DJ Pro. I’m simply trying to get sorted so that the SC5000s are used as controllers for Serato DJ Pro like I used to do without any problems not all that long ago when using Rane interfaces.

My question are:

– Can the Denon DS1 Serato DJ interface be used to unlock Serato DJ Pro? My computer is a

– Is the Denon DS1 discontinued or known to officially become discontinued? Reason I ask this there are a number of online articles stating that it has been discontinued, but it still appears as a current product on Denon DJ’s website.

– If the Denon DJ1 has been or is scheduled to be discontinued, is there a known replacement yet for it?

– If the Denon DJ1 can be used to unlock Serato DJ Pro on setup using pair of SC5000s as controllers for Serato DJ Pro, which RCA audio outputs are used to feed analog mixer, the RCA audio outputs of the DS1, or the RCA audio outputs of the SC5000s? If the answer is ‘DS1’, then how are we supposed to route audio of the SC5000’s second layers which control Serato DJ Pro’s additional two virtual decks in 4-deck mode since the DS1 only has RCA audio outputs for two decks, not four?

Any help would be greatly appreciated since getting anything official from these manufacturers is like pulling teeth it seems.

As far as I know, the DS1 is a discontinued product. Asked around a couple shops today after learning about the MAC/SL debaucle, and they’re not able to order it anymore.

The Serato Tax is real and keeps manufacturers from wanting to release Serato Unlock devices that are niche products. I doubt anymore DJ oriented interfaces will ever be released in the future which are also Serato Unlock devices.

What about the SL4, a bit of an overkill but it still listed.

It also has drivers for Catalina (one will assume it will work with Big sur)

Dunno what the future holds for it though and as they say the greatest predictor of future behavior is past behavior

I wonder if it’s a fixed price or percentage? Something like the Akai AMX came with full serato licence and cost less than buying the Serato suite.

How does it work?

That, in itself, is a mystery. Some products with Serato Unlock versions are $2-300 than their non-serato counterparts. Others are dirt cheap.

I know the SL4 is still listed as a current product on Rane’s website, but considering the absolute mess of a company Rane has become ever since being acquired by InMusic I have no idea if that is accurate or not, or if it is still current, how much longer it will be and supported. After all the hassles and wasted expense Rane has repeatedly caused us, I’m reluctant to drop another $900 on either dead product or soon-to-be dead product. I unfortunately don’t trust Rane anymore after all the nightmares like this they’ve created. Beyond frustrating, as is the fingerpointing by these manufacturers at each other when all they’ve done is market themselves as partners that work together for their paying customers. Adding to the confusion is lots of dealers are stating that the SL4 has been discontinued, and even more confusion from Serato’s website that shows the SL2 and SL3 as currently supported, which Serato tech support themselves say they aren’t anymore. Left hands don’t have any idea what right hands are doing at these companies.

I think it would be more like an over head charge. It could be between $10 - $90 per unit depending on the type.

I don’t think Serato had to do much work to get the amx working. Not much to map on the controller and allow the sound card to work. They can suck more money when you wanna add dvs to it.:laughing:

For the op, I bought my amx for $99cad and it unlocked my 5000m for hid in serato. However, I have to buy the dvs or club kit for timecode use. The funny thing is I’m not a serato user.

The XP2 is a $100 increase and does not unlock Serato. :-p

For OP, you will only have issues using the SL2/3/possibly 4 if you are on Mac os. This is why they are still listed on the Serato website.

How do you know if serato is getting the whole $100. If I was to take a guess it would be no more than $15. I know accessories don’t unlock serato.

Whatever model they use seems to make all partners happy.

Why exactly is the OP angry at Rane and the SL2 ?

I don’t follow Rane news so I’m a bit in the dark about it but if I can predict: Apple changed something the in the latest macOS and now certain audio interfaces that were CoreAudio compliant don’t work? And Rane (inMusic) will not make new firmware to patch that up?

Or is it something else?

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You hit the nail on the head. Apple loves breaking Core audio or GPU Acceleration and leaving it up to software and hardware companies to keep up. It’s a continuous cycle over the past 5 years.