A few MCX8000 issues :(

I am running the latest version driver, firmware and serato. Spec: Windows 7 Pro x64 / Quad Q6700 2.66Ghz / 500GB SSD fully up to date on updates etc… Running with the provided USB cable. OS tuned to normal audio spec (no power save on usb etc and processing set to background).

While using the MCX8000 & Serato I am getting lag on the control, platter is lagging a bit No CPU spikes or signs of issues on the OS

Standalone When playing tracks for a while, if i press pause on any channel it stops to a small loop, this only happends with vynle mode off. The loop isnt alluminated and I have no idea why it does it

I know windows OSs well as its my day job and know its nothing to do with the PC side of things.

Anyone got any ideas?

I have tried factory reset and updating to latest firmware

Sounds like the Denon cue method. Plays a short loop so you can select a precise location with the jogwheel and place the cue.

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If the looping sound changes asxyou move the plattter through the track then it’s just he Denon Cueing method

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Thanks for the info, how do i turn it off?

Enable vinyl mode.