A DJ based in the UK - Saying Hi and made a forum Poll for all

I’ve been reading the entries on the forum for a while but haven’t typed much myself. I’m a Wedding DJ in the south of England and have been DJing for about 18 years. I went through the progression of Vinyl mixing on technics and the Numark TT01 (I think thats what they were called - they had the interchangable Pitch slider and speed selector modules). I went on to CDs for many years, then went to media players. I gave MIDI a wide wide exclusion - I dont want a laptop with music and DJ software.

So now, as I approach being a DJ for almost 20 years, I’ve done a track count of my music collection and find that I’m at 25,000 tracks. I’m wondering how other peoples collections of music are by comparison. I used to buy about 2000 tracks per year at peak, but now that I’ve established a sizeable collection, I’m buying only around 100 new tracks per month / 1200 tracks per year.

I’m jumping in at the deep end here, and I’ll try kicking’ off a Poll with some choices. Hope it works. So, how many tracks are you taking with you to every gig ?

  • Less than 10,000 Tracks in my collection.
  • About 20,000 Tracks in my collection.
  • About 40,000 Tracks in my collection.
  • About 60,000 Tracks in my collection.
  • About 80,000 Tracks in my collection.
  • About 100,000 Tracks or more in my collection.

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I am currently going through the process of having a core collection (max. 1.000 tracks), totally prepped to the max. This will be a collection with a size that will fit on any iDevice, USB-stick, external drive, memory-card, etx. With this core collection I can always play any mobile gig I need to. I know all these track backwards and don’t even need search options (on mediocre gear for example).

All the rest sits on an external HD and is used as the “requests disk”. This stuff is only run through Platinum Notes and MiK and the most important tags are set correctly. Nothing has been done to them by way of beat-gridding properly (other than what the DJ software does).

With the introduction of the SC5000 Prime, I’d say this is the first time a true stand-alone media player with all the perks of using a laptop is on the market.