A bag for the SC5000 setup is needed

I think a bag will be the best solution for all the Dj’s that need often to move his equipment, at least a bag that could contain 2 plates… i think my Magma case is around 40Kg and it’s a pain to move…

We need a solution: like in this video

…or like this

03 53

Please DENON help us

It might work better for Prime than Pioneer, actually, considering the spring-loaded jogs tend to get compressed in such a setup. I use plastic cases, though.

I had a soft pad bag for my last controller and even with 20mm padding upgrade instead of the usual 10mm padding the rotary pots, faders and connectors suffered real bad.

I stil use the padded bag bit only for accessories like my headphones, hard drives and cables, not for anything big or important

ive had no end of cases and bags and now i need another, spent a fortune on bags.

suitcase £15

DJ case £120

such a rip off time and again

Yes we need a lighter, wheeled solution for Prime standalone players. Pelican Air 1637 seems like the only option and it’s not ideal.

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