96K recording of audio from mixer!

What is alternative way to record at the 96k audio for the X1850?

The reason I asked is wanting to record video and audio. If I use OBS, I am limited to either all together or separate music channels. The key here is my MAC is using a audio interface at 44K. Interface can 44/48 but must mach OBS. I wanted to increase the audio recording and leave the video at 60 frames. This is one scenario. Another is to record them separate and stitch them together.

Any one recording their audio at 96?

That’s not much of a restriction.

What third option would you want?

I record the X1800 master over USB in 24/96 into Soundforge via ASIO while I am streaming 16/48 audio in a video feed over Wirecast to three sites at once.

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What I want is to utilize the 94 audio rate and then whatever video rate I am using based on hardware/software. I want this more for sets that need to be precorded and send to third party that will do the graphics overlays.

@Reticuli currentle for live streams i only push audio from mixer to focusrite AI @ 44 , then into OBS Studio at 44.

What does your Focusrite interface have to do with streaming or a Prime mixer?

Windows and Wirecast don’t care what the stream sample rate is and will SRC as-needed for whatever stream is coming from the USB. Not sure how macs do it. The transcoding is so aggressive on streaming, another automatic step of SRC is of little consequence, but obviously I don’t want the recording in Soundforge subjected to that.

It was the easiest way to connect into my MAC. It’s already connect as audio Interface for my producer studio. So i can either use monitors just from mixer or I can use other sets of monitors from the other setup.

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Easier than a USB cable between the mixer and the computer?

Are you already pulling music over USB from the computer to the Prime mixer? It has two USB ports.

Are you connected to the Focusrite using a SPDIF or analog?

Only sending music from mixer to MAC for streaming.

Sending signal analog.

Checking with both companies. I will have to look at what the said exactly as to why it didn’t work when I tried it. Something about the cables and connectors of each.

Mainly I left the mixer into interface as it was easier to reach as there on opposite sides of room.

I would think you should be able to connect USB from mixer to computer. Select 24/96 recording CoreAudio bit-perfect in some recording application. Stream at whatever bitrate you can in whatever streaming app you have with the mixer also selected as the recording device. Then if you’re still intent on monitoring for some bizarre reason through that Focusrite interface, select that in the Apple OS as your USB playback device and make sure you’re ‘live monitoring’ the Prime mixer USB audio device in the Apple OS sound selections.

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Doesn’t hurt to give it try and roll with it.

Normally, I have only done that when running straight to logic pro. As the MAC saw it right away.

The other side I think I went the interface was because I was going to be using multiple audio sources and have them coming in from interface and not the mixer.

thanks for the help!

A lot of people don’t realize (I didn’t at first) that the x1850 has a built-in audio interface that’s class-compliant. Usually, you plug it in (via USB) and the Mac or PC says “Yup, I know that that is…”, and you can use it with your favorite software right away.

No need for an additional audio interface. Nice!

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