90 min mix Laidback Luke on SC5000

LBL performing a 90 min set @ Ibiza riding the SC5000 + X1800


enjoy !!


Way more enjoyable than his usual sound!


I completely agree with you! :wink:

You can tell he has way to much time on his hands, no time needed for beat-matching, even without using sync. Just set the BPM the same as the song playing, works like a charm on these monsters (unlike some other brands).

This is what he used to sound like before EDM. You’re right, MUCH better! I’m not a fan of EDM at all. LOVE me some Techno/Tech-House though.

He uses all the controller-esque features too much. Just because he has access to them doesn’t mean that he has to constantly use them. I suppose that will wear off in time. GREAT track list though!!

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