8000 in Engine mode weird brake effect

Hi guys!! I have an 8000 with a strange problem. I’m using the last firmware update (engine version 0164, MCU2065). I use the 8000 with Serato and in standalone, Serato mode works great but Engine mode has a small problem. The sticks I use have all been formatted properly but when I first install a stick the first song I play usually will play for a couple of minutes and then stop in a brake fashion like someone hit pause with the stop time turned up. The song will slowly stop like this and then all the sudden pickup where it left off and play out the song like normal. I can then go about my night and have no further problems, weird right? My sticks are Lexar of various sizes, formatted FAT32. I hesitate to buy new sticks without doing a little more troubleshooting, factory reset does not help. I would like to try the new firmware to see if that helps if I can get my hands on it. I love my 8000 and fixing this one little problem will make it absolutely perfect!!

I welcome any suggestions, thanks!!

Tracks slowing to a stop can be a sign of a slow USB drive - eg: the USB drive can’t get data into the mcx fast enough for music output to be maintained.

Try running your USB sticks through the benchmark tester found in the General section of the forum.

Thanks for the tip! Turns out my drives are indeed quite slow, so much for an ebay deal on Lexar JumpDrives. So in the interest of only buying drives that will perform well with the 8000 I would like to know if there are specific ones recommended by Denon. If not, what have you heard that works well?


I think the Sandisk Extreme Pro is mentioned in some other posts as being very fast.

Thanks DJ_Vintage. Picked up a Kingston Hyper X Savage which seems to be pretty great. Also saw Sandisk portable ssd mentioned as being crazy fast so will also pick up one of those.