-6dB attenuation processing pad to prevent limiting and reduce sound distortion

  1. A 0dBFS sin wave played back on the Prime players outputs as realtime-upsampled 96khz at exactly 0dBFS from the SPDIF.

  2. Elastique increases peaks, especially of high frequencies.

  3. Tracks mastered with peaks over -3dBFS are capable of allowing something called intersample errors during digital signal processing.

  4. Recordings of loud, very “busy” tracks out the Prime players’ SPDIF shows what appears to be hard knee limiting going on that is not fully preserving the dynamics of the music and causes, while not squaring distortion, what appears to be aggressive compression/limiting. You can see sections of waves that together appear flattened as a group and overly-even.

  5. A -6dB attenuation pad is mathematically easy and bit-perfect when working within a higher bit depth domain than the original track (say a 16bit track in a 32bit DSP environment) and would be a quick and effective solution to the issue as compared to us having to convert our tracks to higher bit depth in an editor, lower the volume by 6dB, and resave each of them… that takes time to do this and a lot of storage.

  • Denon DJ, please implement a -6dB attenuation pad on the SC Prime players and the Prime 4 core audio processing as soon as possible. You could also reduce the X1800’s new input pad from -15.5dB to -12dB or just -10dB if you want, or even make that adjustable. Thanks.
  • I like as much compression as I can get.

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