5000M Jog Wheel does not spin when I hit play

Ok soooo…

Let’s discuss my set up first. I have 2 linked 5000M players with a Pioneer DjS9 mixer.

There’s something odd going on with my player and I need to know if it’s something that I’m doing wrong on my end. Last night (and a few other times), I’d set up at my gig and begin warming up on the players.

All of a sudden (on the right side), I’d load a track, the track would load and ready to go- I hit play and NOTHING. The motorized platter doesn’t respond at all when I hit play?? I can move the platter manually with my hand and the wave form moves, but when I hit play - nothing.

Now initially when this happened before I could use the cue points and continue the set without having to power down the unit. But last night the right player stopped responding, and I wasn’t even able to use my cue points- I can still load tracks but the platter just wasn’t responding- then oddly enough it did it on the left deck as well!

I powered down both units, turned them back on and boom. Back to normal. This is SUPER weird and I’m trying to figure out if it’s my usb, or just something I’m doing wrong when I load the track in or maybe I’m even hitting a button that would cause this to do that.

I’m SO happy with these units but I need to address this issue asap, I can’t be powering down in the middle of a set everytime- it’s scary!

Standalone playback or are you using them as players for timecode for SDJ?

Using a USB drive with Rekordbox. Although it did happen once when I tried to use it with a usb that had the serato time code on it. It literally just stopped and wouldn’t move when I hit play, even when I went back to Rekordbox I had to shut it down- turn it back on and it worked fine.