4 Channel Mixing, Setting to see all 4 waveforms?

I’m trying to practice 4 channel mixing but I’m running into some issues that I can’t seem to get past when playing 4 tracks at once. I realized most of my problems was because of only being able to see the waveforms at the top on the current loaded channels only. This is a pretty big drawback for me and practicing this is a slower process. Is there a setting where the waveforms can halved to show where I’m at in all 4 tracks?

Only in | | | | mode not in = mode.

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I didn’t even know you could load 3 and 4 in horizontal mode? I’m talking about the full wave form of the track that appears at the top in vertical mode. I need to see where my hot cues are coming up on every track so I know what to cut out.

ahhhh, now I get it. you mean the needle display (that where you see the whole waveform).

okay … if you press the button for deck 3 or 4 it will be shown. but only in horizontal mode.

in vertical mode you can only see 2 waveforms in the needle display. but all 4 moving waveforms on play.

to get to horizontal mode: press shift + view.